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What do you think is the weakest apex is

This is a big question what do you think is the weakest apex is

In terms of the difficulty of the raid I’d say cera.

In terms of weakest for PvP, probably Trebax. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense since it’s arguably the hardest raid boss. And cera is the easiest in my opinion yet is by far the best.


On paper i think refre is the weakest of the apexes,but i dont know how it will work in PvP


Raids: Hadros. You’d have to go out of your way to lose at a Hadros raid at this point.

PvP: Gorgotrebex without question. It’s too slow for a Cunning and aside from Mortem, Thor, and Grypolyth it gets trashed by just about everything else.

Even against a Resilient, Erlikospyx and Erlidominus are far more useful because of their high damage output.


Weakest in pvp is maybe trebax? Weakest in raids is hadros and ceramagnus


For pvp its Refrenantem its resistances are trash , only one 100% which is crit reduction when it only has 10%.
Distraction should be 100% since its called the king of distraction
Then one these should be 100% speed/stun
I would prefer the stun to be 100% and speed like 50 to 75%.
For raid difficulty i would say between mortem and gorgo, since you need higher levels to do them.
For raids the best is gorgo with its group instant distraction.
I think gorgo is better than refrenantem because at least gorgo can dodge whilst refre will get one shot by a mortem cleanse crit.


Based on stats and resistances, Ref.
It doesnt resist a whole lot. But it also isnt horribly weak. It will shut down fierce and maybe max and gem. It’s pretty bulky and distracts all the time.

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It is odd that Hadros can come in and destroy cunning and fierce alike when the cunning apexes struggle against Mortem. Refrenantem and Trebax are quite bad in this regard, although Trebax is better when it dodges.

raids: Hadros, arena refrenantem because it lacks a few resistances but at least it’s balanced unlike lux and ceramag

To me Ref and Haast and the weakest to me

Haast is good, ref is ok, but either ref or trebax are worst

Trebax is quite good, but ref is Ok, but probably the worst

Mortem rex for now but refrenantem when it will be available in the arena.

You know Haast when it come out, will have an instant rampage thag removes doge and cloak too, compared to refre that is way better. It could probably even kill gorgo.