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What do you think of Entelochops?

So, some days after the release of 1.14 what’s your opinion of the new hybrid? Except from the fact that it resemble a froggy gorilla Mine is lvl 15 still too low to be used in the arena but using it in friendly battle it seem a pretty balanced and useful creature, don’t expect to win 3 to 0 with him, but it can be a great help during the middle end of the match

I love moschops i think it is really great. I can not wait to unlock entelochops.

I like it so far… I think it has potential… i like the revenge move set

Ooop sorry I wanted to say entelochops

I don’t have the hybrid yet. Want to tho. I personally wish it had a slightly longer snout and longer teeth, to show more of that Entelodont heritage.

I just unlocked it today. I must say I’m pretty impressed in the moveset and immunities. However, I’m not as statisfied with the stats. The HP and ATK is ok, but the speed? Too fast. Neither entelodont and Moschops can outspeed a dilophosaurus without using MF or one of the decelerating moves, entelochops on the other hand, has the body of moschops and it is faster than even Dsungaripterus?? Interesting.

Yeah, that is quite a mistery. I would have preferred less speed and a bit more attack, like 1250 at lvl 26