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What do you think of my team?

I have returned from the game after 2 years and I have noticed that the goal of the game has changed too much and as I have been playing this week I have changed my team but I get defeated very often so I would like you to give me advice on which dinosaurs I should change from my team and your advice

your team is solid, but due to trophy inflation over the time u’ve left you will probably drop a bit before you get to ur appropriate arena standing. just keep playing and enjoy :slight_smile:

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Cool I’ll find a time to send a pick of my team

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You’ll might want to get another cunning creature to fight the abundant fierce in lower arenas. Try getting Erlikogamma, Veloshracos or work on getting Indoraptor Gen 2.

I would say remove concavenator and not i would say remove concavenator also work on allosino visibly you can do it