What do you think of the 1.8 hybrids now that theyre out

I only have Smilocephalosaurus and Dsungaia unlocked, so i cant make an accurate statement for the others. I think both of them have potential in the right scenario, especially smiloceph. That thing is a menace, or from my experience anyway

I want to level dsungaia before I really try it out, though a friendly would be faster.

I also made and am really liking quetzorion. Even dumped some boosts into it. If I could nudge it up to 23 or 24 that would be awesome. Too bad I took pteranodon up to L25. So much DNA I could have used!!

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Main problem is the fact that Dsungaripteris is incubator/event only, and we cant use it in sanctuaries, so dna is constrained there.

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Yeah, I really liked the thing and had hopes for it, so I have darted it every time it was in an event. I have loads! lol… too bad I also too my miragaia up to L25, or I’d still be rolling in that DNA too!

Just unlocked this badboy :slight_smile:


Smilocephalosaurus looks so stupid. i think a lot of them look ugly for real.

Dsungaia i like the colors. the head is a little ugly but i guess it’s the bird in it haha.

the carno’s hybrid, hybrid is just hideous considering how cool the epic is.


I was meaning their arena performance, but okay :wink:

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oh haha my bad. i haven’t used any and i probably won’t until they are at least level 25 to fit with the rest of my team.

but maybe your title and question should be more specific? :wink:

Try testing them in Alliance Battles. I tried the Smilocephalosaurus and so far, i think that sucker has potential

i didn’t think about that. ever since they took friendly battles out of the daily mission i haven’t played one. i hate battles. i’m more for collecting the dinos personally.

Yes but it is ugly af xD

I like Maximus the most out of the new one.


I only have the smilo and the dsung hybrids. Although i took a look at the Diploventator’s stats. Its 110 speed might make it the ultimate thor counter, or for any chomper not named Dioraja or Tenentorex

I have a level 16 diplovenator. That’s all. Nothing else because of course I leveled my ptera and quetz to 20. I’m not even gonna bother asking ludia for my dna back, they’ll say no for sure.

i hope not because i did the same thing and asked for mine back … … …

I have enough to go maybe lvl 20 smilopachy. But my cute Pachy will turn into the ugly duckling xD I’d like it more if it took more of the Pachy form.

That sucks. That’s messed up lol. When I leveled my irri on accident Ludia said they cant give back dna. Hope you get a better case.

And thats why we need a confirmation button

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They’ve actually said to contact them in regards to this.

I did a friendly with an alliance member and he has 3 of the new hybrids. He started with carnotarkus and it took out my trago and dioraja! Is this thing a new Tyrant?

Working on a replacement for tragodistis. My monostega was at level 18 earlier.