What do you think of the 1.8 hybrids now that theyre out

Don’t have Carnotarkus and Dsungaia yet. Others seem underwhelming. Disappointed about Ardentismaximus as it’s too slow.

I don’t have them all yet, but, from what I’ve seen in some videos:
-Carnotarkus is fine, better because of armor, but have way too little health(the same as Purrutaurus). Unless it gets a health buff I don’t see it being very relevant.
-Dsungaia seems like Miragaia on steroids, 125 speed, nice kit, same damage as miragaia, but just as frail(3000 hp). I like it. Not tyrant level though.
-Ardentismaxima is good, but could be better for a unique. Could have 30% crit and 10% armor and a little bit more hp and it would be top tier. Feels close though. It has nice health and works like a better ardonto.
-Similocephalosaurus got decent hp(3690), very good damage(1500), good speed, good sia. Works like a very buff raptor with some dodge and running abilities. Easy prey for tanks and dodge is not that good nowadays, so I don’t know about this one. It hits hard but I wouldn’t put it on my team.
-Pteraquetzal is meh
-Quetzorion I haven’t seen any battles with it, but by the look of it’s kit, I don’t think it will be super strong, but I could be wrong since it has good stats.

The Puru hybrid is now on my team, cant go without that massive counter attack!

Isn’t it’s hp too low though? Is it remarkably better than purrutaurus?

What level? Boosted? Love my Purutaurus, 24 (5/5/4), reminds me a lot of Indoraptor. But Carnotarkus is only 19, unboosted, so will probably have to sit on the bench for a while.

Mine is only base level so is a liability right now with not great health and no boosts, but I’ve already had matches where I was able to swap it in as they were gunna use a base attack to finish a low health dino and thus got smashed with the 33% counter and finished themselves off lol.

Once its leveled and boosted I’m sure it will be great.

Coins are what is holding me back as I had to use them all getting some dinosaurs leveled for their hybrid requirements.

Carnotarkus is underwhelming.

When you have taken your Puru to Lvl 21 and boosted it is exactly the same. Armour helps but more health and more attack please Ludia

Have used diplovenator in a couple of friendly battles. Play your cards/moves right against the right opponent they can be permanently distracted

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I don’t know, still sceptical about that. I was kinda hoping to put it in my team, but it may not be worth it with such low health. Time will tell I guess.

Well with ID you can buy a little time to get off an extra 33% counter so even if it survives just 2 hits it still 66% kills the enemy and then whatever damage its attacks did on top of that.

Sure, but Purru already did that. I was hoping it would be a more dramatic improvement to Purru than it ended up being. It could have like, 4350 hp and that would be fine since it’s a legendary. That would make it worth investing in, but still not op/invincible.

I think it would be ideal as anti Dodger duty and anti tank, the counter would take out rival tanks and the shielding plus precise rampage can bypass the dodge.

And that 20% armour is nice also but I too agree that I thought it would be a clear improvement but it’s basically Puru with armour and no cleanse.
However maybe this isn’t so much it being a bad upgrade but kore about Puru being a great epic hybrid.

Also consider that when epic hybrids get to mid 20s they take a LOT to level, so maybe Governor Tarkin would be easier to level.

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Governor Tarkin lol
You have a point. And it indeed does a great job dealing with tanks and dodgers. Tanks may make a slight come back in this patch, but dodgers are pretty much dead, so it has a pretty limited usability. But I get it, it is by no means a weak dino. I still want it buffed though. Mostly because I want more new dinos to be part of the meta relevant pool.
Edit: Not that it has to be better than Purru in every regard, it can’t deal with bleaders like purru can, but more health is welcome. .

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