What do you think of the 1.8 update?

The 1.8 update had some cool ideas but has quite the disappointing execution. With the introduction of sanctuaries and new hybrids, players are given something new to look forward to. However, the changes to combat mechanics like dodge and evade are quite disappointing. The RNG and chance to dodge a hit completely is what gave hope to many players who thought they can still win an otherwise dodgy situation. At this point, dinos like the Indominus Rex and Indoraptor have lost their luster. What do you think?

As the update had just recently rolled out, i am sure bugs we’re expected. At the moment i am unable to return my dinos back from their sanctuaries even though their time is up. They simply sit there, restarting the clock. I am hoping this would be fixed in a timely manner. I am also hoping Ludia rolls back the dodge and evade mechanic to what they used to be.


I feel like ludia beta testers it for a day and a half… Cause a day and a half and like 19 minutes, sanctuaries screwed up. I also feel that a day and a half is a lot more than they tested any of their other patches.

I love the idea of sanctuaries, but I think we need a bit more clarity on all the timers involved. I also think something went wonky with the reset time of getting toys and food from supply drops; those have been “limit reached” for a day now. Either that or the limits are cruelly, unusably low.

It’s also a bit of a bummer that trophies haven’t started updating. But on the whole I think it went amazingly smoothly for such a huge update. They made a lot of big changes and most of them worked from day one.

I haven’t done much battling but I like the lack of dodge chains!


The dodge nerf is nice I didn’t liked these rng

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The Good:
All the bugs I faced under 1.7 have gone. Game has become properly playable again (at least for me).
Sanctuaries although they need a clearer description of how they work.
I’ve found the Arena matchmaking has started to balance out better, again, at least for me.

The Bad:
The Dodge nerf was not needed.
Still the same Alliance weekly rewards. :frowning:
No new dinosaurs just hybrids.


Matchmaking is a nightmare , worse than its ever been for me and plenty of others according to recent posts .
Not showing the trophy count of anyone ? Why ?
Half our alliance have sanctuaries in operation but they don’t show .
Alliance chat is still as laggy as it was .
Draco is worse than ever , as is Thora .
We now have three uniques that will get one shotted by Draco so they’ve become redundant .
The new seasonal tournaments have prizes that are simply pitiful .
Other than that it seems great !

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The Dodge nerf wasn’t necessary but since I don’t use Dodge and face it alot I’m digging it.

New hybrids seem a little lackluster … Seems like most were made to need boosts…

The jury is out on sanctuaries but it depends on how much dna do is come back with. Same with feeding play with daily missions.

Mostly I’m still working on the same Dino’s I was working on before.


That is hitting the nail on the head. If the return isn’t worthwhile they won’t get used.

Hitting the nail on the head lol I’m a carpenter!

I don’t think sanctuary is worth a dagum!

2 dna 4 max per interaction and that little after 48 hours… Let’s see perfused that’s little under 100 hours given that interactable will dry up…


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Not impressed.

If your going to continually alter the dinos abilities and or create new hybrids, just do away with the boosts, since so many folks have issues with the investment/loss while others cite various dinos being OP. Both parties cite valid issues. Either return the boosts for the altered/affected dinos or do away with the boosts all together, then no one can complain; no investment, no loss, no capability to OP… it is what it is.

Altering Evasive Stance was a huge fail! How about fixing the percentage based interactions so they are more accurate?

Also, the Sanctuary seems to be a huge waste of time… mine is LVL 6, the investment of time to upgrade wasn’t viable for the payout. Just something to waste time… the payout is literally scraps.

Highly agree with the matchmaking crap. I was doing just fine in 1.7, then i start getting put against all the super boosted stuff as soon as 1.8 drops. Its stressful as hell

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@Faethor_Ferenczy when I got my dinosaurs back this evening I was really disappointed. The amount of DNA returned was next to nothing. I was really hoping that putting dinosaurs into sanctuaries would be worth the time but I’m not convinced.


It’s like getting a single solitary sock for Christmas…

I’m not pleased at all lol.


Quite pleased with the current update.
It didn’t crash the whole game, barely crashes battles (as opposed to the previous two versions) and removed a lot of randomness.

New hybrids and sanctuaries are cool, but a bit lackluster. I think sanctuary can be tweaked to better reflect the effort of levelling up. It should reward more DNA at higher levels, but so far it doesn’t (at least not at level 6).

I would guess that they are not working as intended, and if they are, then…lol. :wink:

The game deserved better then whatever 1.8 was supposed to be.

My expectations for sanctuaries were rock bottom the moment they were announced… they went up a little bit when i noticed how fun it was to see all the different animations and interactions…went right back down when i saw the dna returned is less then a 6 hour incubators on epics…

Yes i know if you min max… with the work of your entire alliance you can get more… but thats if your interacting with just one of your dinos…

If it was an additional feature along with something else for the patch id be a bit more ok with it… but as the headline feature of a patch… its gonna be more of chore to maximize dna… then a fun feature…

1- Love the Sanctuaries, the animations are cool and extra dna is never bad. Though I expected a little bit more dna. The fact that everytime you get out of the alliance sanctuaries you go back to the map instead of the alliance page is a bit annoying though.
2- Hate the dodge nerf. Made an entire class of dinos useless along with their counters. Never should have touched that. There are enough dodge counters as it is. Now the arena will be even less diverse.
3- Hate the Magna nerf. Magna is strong, yes. But 390 less hp was uncalled for. It should at least have higher hp than Pyrritator. A hard to get dino deserves power imo.
4-The crit nerf I don’t see as bad exactly. But it’s a fix for a problem that wouldn’t exist if the matchmaking system wasn’t so inefficient. If the matchmaking ever functions properly, will it be good? Or will the chompers suffer too much with it? It seems unlikely right now but we never know. Once upon a time Indo was king, and now…
5- The new hybrids had interesting concepts but ended up being underwhelming for the most part. Some cause of kit, others stat wise. It’s like Ludia is afraid to add more to the small pool of meta relevant dinos. Come on, make those cool new hybrids be worth putting in our final teams! Especially the uniques! Maxima could have been the ultimate sauropod unique, but it’s just an ardonto with more hp. Give that thing 10% armor, 30% crit and a little bit more hp and we have a tyrant. Carnotarkus aka Spiky cow would be good if it had more hp, that’s all it needs to shine. Pteraquetzal is probably the worst legendary in the game. Quetzorion has good stats but the dodge nerf makes her kit just bad, even before the nerf I didn’t think it would be that good. Diplovenator I like very much, but could have just a little bit more speed to successfully counter the chompers. Dsungaia seems like Miragaia on steroids :laughing: me like it :smiley:. Smilocephalosaurus seems strong, good speed and damage, but again, the dodge nerf hurts it a lot so can’t use it on my current team.

I guess that’s it for feedback for now :slight_smile:


The next update that will be good is the one that removes stat boosts. Up until that I’ll forever hate battling 140 speed Thoras

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Teams destroyed by poor match making in 1.7 vs 1.8…

Overall I think this update is great. The big downside is the magna nerf (do they really think he is so easy to get to 30??) and the fact they just let the boosts ruin the rest.
Now to make a new hybrid unique relevant, I would need to bring it to 30 to match the rest of the team AND invest boosts to ensure he could survive in the arena?

1.8 is exactly what I wish 1.7 was. Sanctuaries are not perfect of course but this is a refreshing idea. Really like the design.