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What do you think of the new setup of the DRACOCERATOPS for the 1.6 update? Swap in DSR - Regeneration - Ace stun - Rampage


for me it will be the new Dracorex G2.


Finally it has a purpose… Time to level it up


Another thing to eat the dust. :grin:


I’m glad I didn’t use DracoGen2 to level up alone. Instead, I was anticipating something like this to happen with Dracoceratops and it came true. I have him very close to level 20 now. Guess I will start using her on my team.


Yeah my dracocera is actually the same level as my dg2… i feel more comfortable putting coins into dracocera atm


Been saving for this for awhile. Just leveled mine up to 21 and almost 22. Will probably be a staple on my team.


With out thinking about it, if it’s too good they will just nerf 1.7.

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so powerfull and use two commons to fuse it… Ludia destroy the balance of his own game again hahaha


I’m thinking I’m gonna hate fighting my alliance members exploiting Dracoceratops & Draco2 on their teams :joy:


Unless dracoceratops gets an attack buff he still doesn’t pose a massive threat with swap in dsr


I think the attack got buffed … although the patch note says "“Attack decreased to 1,160”, actually its current attack at lvl 26 is 1000. so it is increased …


It’s going to be the dino that defines the meta I think


Hope so becauae dracoceratops at the moment has worse attack then draco2


leveled it up to 23.
gave me lots of wins. unhappy life and speed nerf occurred though it gained swap in Rampage.

but still preferred 66% swap in stun to gain a free turn on bleeded Dinos such as spinotah which used swoop after bleeding my suchotator.

we’ll see what happens


I think it’s absolutely broken.


The massive speed nerf makes it another one-trick pony… I’m leaving mine where it is.


It’s going to be a beast. When you swap in, both acute stun and regeneration have no delay, so if you cannot take out this little thing in one hit and you are not immune, it can stun you. Because of its 109 speed, usually it’s going to be slower, the result is you will lose a turn being stunned. In this turn, it can regenerate its health back and swap away with maybe almost full health, making it Draco gen 2 in last patch but the next time it comes in, it will still be able to live for a possible third swap in!


Drain. Then swap into draco with rampage, then stun, then regenerate and swap out. Sounds like fun if nothing else.




Also glad I didn’t LVL my Draco gen 2 passed lvl15 and instead worked on fusing the legendary one. Almost at lvl20 now