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What do you think of the top 20 dinos

Gamepress released a chart of the top 20 dinos in the game through the simulator. What are your opinions or thoughts on it?

I was most surprised that Brontolasmus made it lol

I was also surprised Bronto was on there. It doesn’t have any immunity so I thought it wouldn’t have made it, but I guess I was wrong.

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What surprised me the most was Indom gen2. The fact that Allosino was there and Thor wasn’t really made me laugh :rofl: People don’t believe how bad it is in this meta.


Im not surprised,i already said it:its a immune meta.

I’m surprised Orion made it. Makes me proud as an Orion user.

I knew that Gemini won a ton of 1v1 matchups, but 98%? My god. That’s insane.

I think everyone should have dinos from that list on their teams so I can get easy free wins in the arena.
specially allosino.


Yeah please run allosino because of the top 20 battle sim dinos. What dinos can win 1v1 in friendly battles has little impact on 4v4 matches… heck two of the highest rated are recommended as match closers… how many match closers do you need on a team

Calling these the top 20 dinos is a huge stretch id bet half of them dont even make apex. There is reason the simulator is only part of what makes the tier list.

These kind of stats are intreresting… and it will be even more intresting to see what they do with the battle sim come boosts 2.0 after that the “it all evens out again at level 30” goes away. A health boosted thor might beat a speed boosted thor but loose to a damage boosted thor and the damage boosted thor loose to speed. Then run those three along with balanced against another 3/4 variants of another dino… then one variant might win a match up it lost before if it moves two boosts into another tier.

I can`t understand why allosino is listed up, not thor.

Because its 1v1 match win % against every dino in the game… that 16% loss could be against every meta dino and the 83% it beat could ne against all non meta stuff… they specifically mention carno, a dino that had a better win loss rate as being “all hype”. Allosinos armor gives it a better win loss rate against speedsters then thor for sure.

This is by no means an actual top 20 list.


Thanks for your reply, Mr. Eviction.
I forgot allosino has armor.

Here’s the article in case you missed it.

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You have to be kidding, indoraptor gen2 has a 66%chance to beat any dino in the game. It’s hands down the strongest out there

Yes but Thor’s 40% chance to critt, ( I know it doesn’t get calculated here but still) on 2 turns gives it a higher than 50% chance to critt at least once, and that’s all it takes.

Until boosts reset Indo g2 is powerful. In boosts 2.0 probably won’t even be in any team. Especially if Definite Rampage change will be implemented.

Brontolasmus can’t kill Indo G2 with two successive rampages, if one of them is distracted.
I’ve had some success in the tournament going for the Shield first, because that way, by the time Indo is Decelerated, it won’t be alive long enough to cleanse with Cautious Strike, unless it crits.
That makes Brontolasmus surprisingly versatile, because most opponents will expect a turn 1 Rampage.

It doesn’t have to, if you shild Strike indo can use cautious strike again, it only makes the match longer, indo still wins

True, it’s up to how the Indo user plays it. Best case scenario for them, Indo survives with 200 odd health (at level 26), with the rampage on cooldown.

One, draco

Remember it’s simulator evaluation for them so I believe it’s all random attacks correct ?

But regardless the top are fairly obvious also depending on what the dinos are facing but in the end the immunity along with High HP and Attack that does constant pummelling :joy:

Yes I mean those two super amazing and everyone got to have Long Neck uniques ! I have them both and everyone should unless your facing me of course :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::wink:

Gemini and Ardentis are lords of the arena !!

PS:: Magna is super amazing :wink:
Definitely a favourite !

Dinolord out!! :metal:

Im pretty sure at this point their simulator is better at picking the best attack then Ludias AI and probably better then 3 of my last 10 opponents.

Its just a representation of 1v1 battles… arena is not 1v1 battle… its not even 3 series of 1v1.

Revenge killers arent really represented here in this list because they are designed to come in finish off an almost dead dino and then they are milling machines… without that revenge kill turn a tryo that could 3-1 a match… loses to the next dino 1v1