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What do you think of the tournaments?

good first, first of all after the disaster of the first tournament, well in my opinion what ludia calls tournaments for me and I guess for many, this is not even tournaments, since in these tournaments the one who plays the most usually wins, so if you want to win, leave your life aside and take the weekend to play matches without stopping. I think this should change, because a tournament has always been against someone and if you win then you go to the next round and if you lose then eliminated, let’s go what is a tournament, not what I was playing as a tournament.

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A simple suggestion

Every player will play 50( or 100 ) battles at most and then the trophy will be final.The end result will summarize all the trophies to determine the standing . Probably there will be ties.Then the reward will be sent to 2 or more people.


Good point. I don’t want it to be a tournament that whoever battles most wins.

Also, I really hope the critical rate can be checked. It’s way too often. More than 3 or 4 criticals happened in one battle. Later, another battle had the same problem. It doesn’t feel right.


“For Science” I played as much as possible this time around. I put in well over 24 full hours, but due to the scoring system and bad rng waves. I barely made 297th. Best I’ve ever done in a tournament. However, it shouldn’t require the amount of luck you need to make progress.

It was also a bad idea to have everyone gain 30 for a win and lose 30 for a loss. I was 241st place before going to sleep last night and there were over 100 people with the same score as me. I’m sure that only increased after I slept. I might of scored higher if the rewards/losses varied some like last tournament.

The top 500 was crowded. You would be in 200th place, lose two battles and 60 points and be under the top 500.

I won’t be putting as much effort in again I don’t think, too much frustration over rng.

I tried though! I am glad I at least got top 500 for once.



But be more kind mate.

Atleast 500 players!


What do I think of the tournament ?
A pointless waste of time because it’s entirely dependant on connection speed . Same Dino , who goes first ? The player with the best connection every time !
Every match was pretty much the same dinos . Boring , repetitive and dull .

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My thoughts…


  1. Tournaments being separate from the Arena, so that players can choose whether they want to partake or not was a good decision. Now you can either play for the competitive element or just play for the fun of it. :+1:

  2. Having each tournament be different is a good idea as it means tournaments are going to be showcasing a variety of dinosaurs and team builds, so it isn’t the same every time like it has been.

  3. With Open Skill it was basically just prehistorics (all set to 26th) rather than hybrids. Because of this it has been the best tournament so far for me, as I got to field and play against a variety of dinosaurs that I haven’t either used myself in months or have seen in the Arena.

  4. Although I am not a “everyone should get something” mentality, everyone got something even if it was just 2500 coins, No one has to worry about dropping below the basic threshold like previous events.


  1. As @Akerond says, it does favour players who can sit there and play continuously all day. Not everyone can. Due to work and family commitments I probably only got 20 battles in all the weekend.

  2. Despite allowing us Commons, Rares and Epics, it was pretty much only Epics that I saw and ended up having to use as well. May as well have made it Epics only. Perhaps restricting to specific rarities, say Common only, Rare only or Epic only might be a good idea somewhere down the road?

All in all I think this was a good first run. More like this will be appreciated. I know some were not happy with the design of it, but future special rules might suit them better. Tournaments can easily be created that appeal to wider and different player styles.


I finished 10th after exactly 200 battles. Final record 122-78 (61%). Overall, I thought it was more fun than arena (certainly in its current state), but the friendly-format still has some flaws.

It was nice to use some different dinos, but in reality at the top of the leaderboard, the same dinos were being used by most everyone so it got boring pretty quick. At one point, I took stock and the top 10 were using:
very common - Sino (10) , DracoG2 (9), Maia (9), Ornitho (9), Posto (9), Diplod (9), Kentro (8), Pachy (8)
wildcards - Smilodon (2), Alanqa (2), SpinoG2 (2), Stygi (1), Elasmo (1), Scaphog (1)

Also, skill tournament feels like a misnomer. This is my guess as to the determining factor for my matches:
(1) RNG - Team Selection
(2) RNG - Stuns
(3) Speed Ties - a skill of sorts
(4) Skill/Strategy
(5) 50/50 Guesses - a skill of sorts arguably, perhaps more so in rematches?
(6) RNG - Dodges
(7) RNG - Crits

Definitely agree that a smaller fixed match limit would be more ideal. It would also be nice to see “skill” be more rewarded, but how to better do that is perhaps not that easy to solve? Finding some solution to speed ties and making sure the most OP creature in the tournament isn’t an annoying stun machine might be a start…


Maby actually let people level up their dinos.

A tournament with common, rare and Epic between level 15-20.

If anyone have Epic over level 20 it’s automatic reset to 20.

Then, maby, some more skills will be rewarded because of the team-build.

Just a thought.

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I battled well over 700 battles and highest I got was 61st place on the first day. I completed one of the alliance battle challenges by myself. :laughing:

This shows that the one who battles the most doesnt always place highest though. Its all about how lucky you are with rng. Not so much “skill”.


I really enjoy this tournament, finally a bit of fresh air to my life, i want more and more.


IF developers read this thread, I think the community have something important to say here!

Build in a direction of where we can USE all our dinos, show up our effort and stretch the game in more variation!

Use the whole game instead of thinking ”Best of the best”

This tournament involved everyone, great team-sprit!


Actually, I kinda like the thought of our current teams battling each other at lvl 26 and NO Boosts. I’ve got a few rares and epics on my team that have stomped on uniques. And a meeeean Tany.

Ankylocodon :hearts:

Our alliance tourny is better but this one sounded ok…:joy:

Leave aside the same old RNG debate, since we’ve got so used to it, the new tournament concept is one of few that ludia has done right about. It’s the best opportunity you can reach fairness in this game, I dunno how else it can be done. All these top contenders spent about the same amount of their own time on this, but first you have to win more by playing more. It’s pointless spending 25hrs a day to get a win for making up a loss. Restrict the number of battles per day seems very likely to lead up to a heavier weighted RNG bias. I am just saying, this kind of tournament is not yet any of that p2w format(cherish it while we all can), if one refuse to"play to win", better pick a book to read or watch a movie other than playing games? :man_shrugging:

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As much as I hate RNG, in a tourney that should decide speed ties rather than connection speed.
Random 50/50 and if both survive without a speed effect, alternate to the other.
No. But better than connection speed.
I also think there should be a battle limit.
It was definitely better than the first one, but a separate roster from the arena is needed.
(I know I slaughtered a tourney team in the arena that I’m sure was an accident)


Totally agree… My connection sucks so I had to fight my battles always considering the opponent’s same dino would move first… Lost many matches because of that…

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  1. Should separate the loading screen so the people who want to battle for incs can still play the AI

  2. Create a second roster so we don’t have to change out team back and forth

  3. Upper limit on number of battles so it isn’t a “who can play the longest” contest


Agreed. I should have included a comment about needing two or three separate teams (allowing crossovers between them).

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That might have been mine… I know I accidentally ended up in the arena at least 4 or 5 times giving someone an easy win :smile:

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