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What do you think of the tournaments?


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Still relevant, still waiting for a fix.
And not with those speed boost shenanigans because it doesn’t apply to an equal level tournament surprisingly :unamused::roll_eyes:


You mean in the tournament? I’m far from top 500 and I competed for top 50 till the last minute


I didn’t say no body could. I said it’s unlikely that a low level player would be able to make it to top 500.

And your not a low level player


And how do you think you will fair in the other non leveled tourneys?


Ok, that’s not what was in the sentence I quoted, but ok.
I probably won’t play in the non leveled tourneys. Cause THEN it will be just for those who can reach top 500 in the normal arena.


There are plenty of level 9 and 10s that have most of the main dinos that were in this tournament. I battled a level 11 multiple times, we had some interesting battles.

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Yeah never mind smdh.

Because of course ever tournament is gonna be this one…

Just never mind.


This was my first Turn. I was so excited, but what happened every time I started to get ahead Boom knocked back down again. $100 for entry…I’ll never do it again. Thanks for nothing!!!


That is what happens in tournaments. In any competitive event you will reach a point where you will encounter more competitive/better players and you’ll plateau. To climb higher you have be better. Just keep trying and you’ll get there.

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Honestly, I really enjoyed the Tournament! It gave me a chance to use creatures that I never had the chance to use or will use in regular Arena.


Same. It was an absolute blast to pull out actual prehistoricals again! :t_rex:

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Umm… Was this meant to be directed at me? Lol


So much fun! Also, I don’t remember Postosuchus doing so much damage…I’ll need to put her on my team for the next Tournament.


What was your rank in the end, just curious?


I’ve had to work both weekends that the tournament was going on so I didn’t get to battle as much as I wanted but it was fun to be able to play anyone and see some different names. There’s a bunch of lower level players with decent battle tactics.


I loved the tournament! It was a lot of fun to use dinos I haven’t gotten to battle with in the arenas. It was also nice that the top 500 was possible when my normal team wouldn’t be anywhere close to the leaderboard. My only criticism would be about the way the trophies are calculated. It would be nice to have a system where there aren’t so many people with exactly the same amount of trophies. Not only is it hard to tell where you really stand but there was also a huge drop in placing every time you walked away for a while by people with the same amount of trophies as you. The existing trophy system is by far better than in the last tourney though where people could still get ahead losing 50% of battles. Looking forward to more tournaments!


Only received the participation prize, @JWAfan. :sweat_smile:


Do any of you know when the nxt tourney will be and if it will be the commons only?