What do you think of Thoradolosaur? Poll

I’m just curious.
Thor is currently in quite a peculiar situation. Thanks to Ludia handing it’s ingredients out like candy for a long time, a lot of players have it levelled quite high, and a lot of those players have it boosted quite high, in turn terrrorizing the arena with an otherwise sub-par superhybrid.

Every call for a nerf has been met with—in my opinion—the logical answer, being that crazy Thors are a boost problem, not a creature balancing one. I think this is a well-established fact by now.

But by that logic, a Thor buff should be justified, otherwise it’s a double standard.
So how would the community react to a Thor buff then?

  • I think Thor should be buffed
  • I think Thor is fine
  • I think Thor should be nerfed
  • I don’t care

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This time the voters won’t be displayed, since this is a bit of a divisive topic. Anyway, happy voting!

Feel free to come up with possible appropriately rebalanced Thor kits below.

Its kind of bad. Its not even good with boosts.


Despite me occasionally calling for a nerf on Thor, I don’t honestly believe she does need one. It’s one of those “I’ve-just-lost-5-matches-because-of-overboosted-Thors-nerf-it” knee-jerk reactions.

Overall, I think she’s fine. If she receives a buff, I think it needs to be a move workaround, rather than a boost in stats.


Sounds like your problem is with the boost. It’s funny the real creature of topic should be yoshi. In reality there will always be something to complain about. But Thor is not the issue.


I think you’ve misunderstood the premise of this thread. I’m not complaining about anything. I’m merely trying to gauge the popular opinion regarding Thor.

If you want to read about Procera, the forum is bursting with threads about it. I wouldn’t really be adding anything interesting by starting another one.

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Since Ludia doesn’t seem to believe in nerfs, just keep making broken things.
Give it definite impact, without the load turn.
Without changes in the stats, you suddenly would have a terrifying dino against the dodgers.

Ludia: “Write that down, write that down!”


I fully understand the thread. There was a concern stressed, Thor being a terror due to boost. I have noticed this gaming company has a habit of nerfing creatures that are not problematic. One can only guess it’s because of post like this. I think it’s wasted effort that all.

Thor by herself is fine. It’s only when boosts get added that she becomes overpowered.


Speed 105
Armour 15%

Speed 104
Armour 30%

Very hard to decide what to do with Thor. When talking about equal level and no boosts, Thor needs a buff. However, I can’t imagine Thor being buffed right now. Not when so many overboosted Thors cause havoc in arena. I know that boosts are the problem here, no Thor’s fault here. But buffing him would only increase this problem. As long as speed boosts are a thing, Thor should be left untouched.


Thoradolosaur is meh on its own.
But just like almost any other creature, it can be a beast with a bajillion boosts.

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I when for 9-9-9 booster and he is just fine, he gets down by dino that half his attack, but that’s to be expected from an Hybrid with no immunity other than that his critical ratio is almost 1 every 2 hits witch allow it to one shot many Dino

I think this sums it pretty well, in its current state, a slight boost would only encourage people to dump even more into him, which would kinda worsen the arena “issue”.

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I hate thor. It can wipe my whole team and basically 1 shot them. There have been plenty of times I don’t even get a turn. Sometimes I might get 1 turn.

I fought one the other day with 2900 base damage and a guy in my alliance shared a pic of one with 3000 base damage. Why? Like do you people suck so much at battling and strategy that you have to resort to boosting Thor so high to win? What’s the pride in that?


Thor is fine, boosts need to be nerfed.


That’s the thing, buffing Thor doesn’t change the way boosts work at all, so no, it won’t make the problem worse. Eventually some other dino will emerge as the hyper-boosted overlord of the arena. Avoiding touching Thor isn’t going to change that. The solution is simple: change boosts. That fixes everything.

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Whoa there, calm down. Making your creatures stronger is kinda the point of this game. You can’t really criticize anyone for doing that.


The only buff I think Thor needs is the 15% armor from Allosino.

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There is no need for “pride.” Only important thing is fun. Using progression tools in the game to improve dinos and win more battles is rewarding for many.

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