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What do you think of Thylacotator?

Been considering if i should run it or erlikospyx since it’s far easier to make and seems like itll be a monster

That’s pretty nuts when it comes down to having either a Unique or Epic on your team. Just goes to show how kits make or break a creature.

I only state that because while spyx has a distraction move, thylaco has access to rending takedown AND lethal wound, on top of having speed control and swap in distraction. Its making me rethink having spyx when something like this is far easier to make

Thylaco can 2 hit any creature not immune to bleeds btw, which is more than half the freaking roster


Isn’t Spyx immune to speed deceleration? That allows Spyx to do everything it wants without being slowed down. Of course, it has everything else to worry about, but at least it can’t be slowed down.

Spyx > Thylacotator in pretty much every way. The biggest reason to use suchotator over other bleeders was its high health and instant distract. Now Thylaco has crappy health, attack, crit, and no instant distract. Other than lethal wound and rending takedown, it took pretty much the worst things from its hybrid parents. The one purpose for it is to fight health tanks, but thats it…

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I don’t think it will be good enough to be better than Spyx, it probably won’t have the stats needed to survive for long, but I might be wrong.

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The patch notes said that its stats are similar to the Lion. So, decent bulk, ok ish speed, and low attack. If it has 4.2k hp, 117 speed, and at least 1k to 1.1k, then it could be decent. Definitely would’ve appreciated immune to distraction more though

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