What do you think oviraptor's stats and design will be like?

the title explains it all I just want to add 1 pic

The dodo might be a hint at the April 1st boss

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Nah, placeholder, either that or we’ll have a new animation set with oviraptros, giant birds like moa and dodo, idk

I mean the death dodo model has actually been in this game from 2018, I think it had something to do with an internet glitch, I saw a video with the exact model from today. But I think this would be cool as April Fools boss, considering its called Death Dodo, but in JWA the name Death has been turned into Mortem, maybe it’ll be something like Mortem Mauritius(Which was the island the Dodo was found on) or some M word related to Dodo :man_shrugging:
That’s the video from over 2 years ago ----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wtNcds6ce8

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Remember Metriacanthosaurus and his G2? Yeah don’t have much hope

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I darted this creature this morning scoring 222. Then when I try and open new creature box multiple freeze and restarts - then it’s gone.

I really was beginning to think I dreamt about a little pink duck on a skateboard ?

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Ooh, I don’t think I’ve heard of that glitch before. Perhaps it was an idea that they dropped later on or something.

Getting a Dodo boss would definitely be cool, but it was better in JWTG because you feed Dodos to your cenozoic carnivores, kind of like how we have a Goat boss in JWA.

I thought the dodo was newly added, but since it isn’t it seems less likely that it’ll be officially added anytime soon.

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I enter my game and there are no new creatures and how can u dart them ?

Stat wise i say oviraptors are either distracting or nullifying creatures