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What do you think should come next?

  • Bug fixes, matchmaking improvements, Draco Gen 2 nerf, separate tourney leaderboards, etc.

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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 5 [01/17]

Something to keep my interest in the game besides my gorgeous alliance.


Assuming your alliance does more than request the same rare DNA over and over again while never donating, you’re at least doing better than mine.


Sand dunes does more than DNA :heart:


Bump, don’t care about likes or replies but the more votes the better so Ludia might finally do something other than moderating posts complaining about the same issues for months, since that seems to be how long it takes to receive a fix.


I would like bug fixes but I don’t like the rest of the option… In typical jwa forum fashion… I will reply…

I think your logic I flawed because other poll have more option I like more options. And you need a better background. It not fair to not give me gold for answering and at least one option should include free DNA for ultraraasaurus


Would like to see an update that would make more dinos useful in arena. I’m sick of seeing same 6 and a half (Dracog2) dinos.


What are you talking about?


I think the guy below my post illustrated. Just remarking on the crowd here.


I’m actually amazed a couple people voted for the tournament.


Three. Wouldn‘t say that‘s much. :smiley:


Add a miragaia hybrid and sea animals, plus monthly updates. So far ludia quite happy with this game. Add more coins from drops please it’s really hard to get coins, and tapjoy is not good for me because phone has not enough space.

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