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What do you think the titanoboa will hold?

Well, it looks like we are getting a snake, probably titanoboa, so how would you do for stats and moves for this slithery reptile?

My do:


3800 HP
120 speed
20 crit
10 armor
1400 DMG

Pinning strike
Ferocious impact
Lockdown impact

And you?


new counter attack.
constricting counter. reduces the effect of boosts on opposing dino by 50% and does .15 rending damage.


Maybe a new move to go along with it

Lockdown target for 3 turns, distract opposes the for one turn, deal DoT for 2 turns by taking away 0.10 of targets health


New move: deadly poison (someone thinks of a cooler name plz) -
take 100% hp if you don’t swap out or cleanse next turn, bypass immunity
effect animation: set a timer on the top of opponents head


Purussaurus has nearly the same moveset. I’m sure they created something different

Titanoboa was a constrictor


Titanoboa was a giant anaconda. It wasn’t venomous


Oh you were faster :joy:


Got to be a constriction move. Something similar to cautious strike but not as OP

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oops did not realize that. Still hope ludia could create something completely new though

Yeah, can’t wait for patch notes

Something that “bleeds” only cloaked dinos and cannot be cleansed :smiley:

Constrict: 33% DOT for 3 turns, swap prevented for 3 turns.

Precise Bite: (same as precise rampage) 2x attack through cloak/evasive, but immune to distraction (cooldown 1)

Slither: 75% to dodge (one turn), 3x attack next turn (delay 1, cooldown 3)

Hibernate: priority swap out and regenerate 50%

Immune to DOT

Lol… just a few of my ideas :grin:


love it.
now what rarity? (kinda thinking this will be an epic)

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Probably a couple new moves.

The boa was a constrictor. Constriction actually kills the boas prey very fast. Usually, the blood supply is cut off to the brain and to various other tissues and organs. Death is very rapid. Sometimes the prey passes out in just a matter of seconds. An example would be the sleeper hold where you put pressure on a carotid artery stopping the oxygen flow to the brain.
I really hope they don’t have it as a venomous type of attack.

This would be the perfect opportunity for a move that even prevents heal and run. Only those that are swap prevented immune would be able to get out of it.

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Breathtaking rampage bypassing cloak and evasive

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I like the idea of a constrict move that prevents all buffs for multiple turns (including crits), sort of like a long lasting nullifying move.

Or possibly something that prevents negative effects from kicking in, creating opportunity for non-immune creatures on your team to get immunity-like traits until opponent swaps out.


Health: 3500
Damage: 1200
Speed: 119
Critical: 5%
Armour: 10%

Constrict (Destroy shields. Deals 0.5x damage. 50% chance to stun opponent 1 turn. Opponent pinned for 2 turns. Distract 50% 1 turn. Slow opponent 50% 1 turn. If dodged, none of the effects occur)
Ambush (Priority. Deal 2x precise armour piercing damage. Opponent vulnerable this turn and next turn. Cooldown 2. Delay 2.)
Swallow (100% chance to stun opponent for 1 turn, stun does not occur if opponent is a sauropod. Regenerate 50% of own health. Does not cleanse. Own speed -50% for 2 turns. Increase damage 50% for next 2 turns. Sidewinder is disabled this turn. Cooldown 3.)

Sidewinder (Passive. This creature has a 33% chance to dodge 66% of damage)
Immune to DoT
Swap in Definite Strike

Explanation: Titanoboa relies on a variety of debuffs to deal with opponents, while also able to buff itself. Although it’s moves (other than constrict) have long cooldowns or delays, it can set up devastating combos if used properly. Hard counters: Ardentismaxima, Geminititan.