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What do you think the titanoboa will hold?

All I know is, it’s got me excited for the game again, but if it’s exclusive I’m not excited anymore.


Nullifies all boost from opponent for 2 turns

I swear if this thing is event/incubator locked… I will rage.

Park lock? Fine, just don’t lock it behind events or incubators!


please not another park exclusive. No more exclusives unless its arena exclusive.
I can’t (like many others) get to a recognized park in game. and the ones that are are cemetaries that will just get taken away if too many people start playing games there.

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If it’s an exlusive I only need one guy from my alliance unlocked it to put him in our sanctuary, it was how I unlocked Mammoth, Carbo and Rhino

Immune to boosted creatures
Any boost apply on the opponent deal 0,1x X(X is the number of boost on the opponent creature)damage

Why would it have armour

What do you think the titanoboa will hold?

Hopefully the lifeless bodies of ProceRATs and IncomeRaptors!

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A new move? Would be good
A move with bypass immunity, probably suffocate

I hope Titanoboa comes along with…

  • solved bugs and exploits

  • hackers banned

  • matchmaking solved

  • speed boosts removed

  • a cool skin grey blue yellow and pink all mixed together.

I think it should have a like a tail whip counter that does no damage against sauropods and 1x damage to all the rest of the land creatures and 1.5x to flyers

And it should be immune to distractions because the thing is huge to it wouldn’t get distracted by everything

That’s cool