What do you think

does anyone miss ceratopcians in the sand? I think they don’t help much since they were given that rat movement … I miss the powerful einiasuchus … at level 25 towards shaking some unique … not to mention the sauropod ankilosaurus terosaurs … sorry I was weak

i miss how monostego was. I will not miss einiasuchus. that thing was and still kinda is one of my most hated dinos.


if einiasuchus was very powerful … aora is food for thor haha ​​crunchy … both suchotator and einiasuchus … accompanied me from the beginning … thanks to both of them I am where I am

If Monostego and Einiasuchus were the way they were in 1.8 now, they would both drop a tier. The change made them better suited for the immune meta, making them teambased utility dinos. Old Ceratopsians just would not work in this climate.


While I did hate monostego it was too good at everything it was manageable before distraction but then it became the monster it it, but ya I’m so happy enisuchucs is gone and dead it was so annoying

Monostego was my answer to indoms back in the day. didn’t always work, but i didn’t have very many nullifiers at the time.


Ya but now we have precise, definte, and null so there way more ways to deal with them. So even then it’s just reverted it it be kinda useless, although the distraction I fel was much spine it helps deal with chomper, again very thanks counter,

Again while I wish at the ceratopsians were better for now I think there fine

I think sarcorixys should always have been stronger than einiasuchus. But the current einiasuchus is a joke now. The stats are pathetic. With stats like that It could at least have kept greater stunning impact. I don’t even use It, but i think they nerfed It too hard.