What do you think?


My Dino collection. What do you think?

Average or good?


Change this you need both raptors in your team and start to fuse those common


Not bad but i’d still take higher leveled dinosaurs over the low leveled ones. Try utilising your high level dinosaurs even if they are not very versatile they get the job done with decent HP and dmg; not only lucky crits.

The nodosaurus and even tricera are pretty much mandatory for your team currently. Especially to counter more bulky opponents or even faster ones. Allosaus can get that job done once leveled. Maybe even the euoplo once leveled; since it has 40% armor and still deals decent DMG due to invulnerabillity.

Most importantly start leveling commons and look into hybdrids. Your nodosaurus, majung and einio are perfect hybrids and will help out a lot! Good luck! :wink:


Thanks @Grozota @Freds00n