What do you use the gems for?

I am only using them to run challenges? Am I missing something?

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Turning them into gold too, you’ve to scroll to the very bottom of durnans page, you can trade in 60 gems for a thousand gold. The equipment packs aren’t worth imo

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Useless the event is great I would t use it for the events.

As for turning it into gold, try and wait until they have an promo. I swapped some when there was a 20% bonus I think.

Also if you ever want to be able to buy a legendary card when they are for sale, sometimes they are 40,000 and sometimes 2,000 gems.

I have a savings of each higher then that in case another legendary card comes along I really want.

I got my fighter legendary armour that way. (And have passed on about 4 other legendary cards since that just weren’t that special). If the wizard epic weapon came along, I probably drop the gems for it.

You should save up 500 gems and use them for gold. Gold is the main bottleneck for character leveling.

I already have the wizard epic weapon, I think I have enough to make it level 3, just need gold

I often use gems to speed up unlocking chests from battle pvps. Not sure if this the best use being a new player on this platform I do miss the board game but options are limited without a vehicle right now.

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I been using gems for the X2 Challenge it been a great with the rewards every now again VIP rewards been awesome with gold 900+ so worth investing in the gem challenge.