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What do you want update 51 to be?

In update 51, the gyrosphere rewards NEED to be better!
I mean, 250 DB for a common hybrid!That’s a ripoff!

Apart from that, we will probably get another obtainable boss. I’m thinking of Salamander 16 and Phoenix 54.

Now Ludia will get more aquatic hybrids, then Cenzoic hybrid then move to superhybrids. And we definitely need stronger amphibians

Honestly I would just like if they rather give out the rest of the Base Creature unlocks than complicating so many things.


I know this isn’t all gonna come in updates, but this is just thinking for the future

Yeah, cn we have a chance to unlock commons we missed, like Utahraptor for higher levels, or tuojangisaurus and pelicanimimus


We need more Commons, Rares, Super Rares and Legendaries. We have enough tournament creatures (Especially herbivores). As well as ways to unlock existing base creatures.

How do we have enough ways to unlock existing base creatures

Pyroraptor unlock!!!

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Return of rares, super rares and legendary. As well as new dinosaurs for the Brachiosaurus animation a new op amphibian, oviraptorids, gorgonopsids, prosauruspods, megaraptoroids and Scutosaurus. As well as new aquatics and more reef and snow hybrids. And more non tournament gen 2s or at least make tournament gen 2s variable for gen 2 fury

But i have a feeling that update 51 will probably have Salamander, E750 and other new camp cretaceous dinosaurs

I think we already know why Ludia is not adding more Rares, Commons, etc. The current ones are quite enough and sufficient for beginners, and pertinent to mention, climbing to Dominator is not as difficult as it seems. Till there Base Creatures will help you but after that they have little to negligible worth in the Lineup except for climbing into Dominator League.

After you start regularly finishing in Dominator then you will find more worth in so many Tournament creatures than in Base ones.

Plus some classes have more dinosaurs of a particular rarity than others. Like there are about 8 rare carnivores and only 2 rare amphibians.

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Considering how long gyrosphere rewards have totally sucked, I wouldn’t hold my breath for them fixing those, but they should at least fix the issues with the level of the creatures you can choose for your team in relation to the AI, as if it wasn’t already hard enough to win these for the paltry rewards given! Particularly if they want to make getting large amount of B-DNA contingent on playing them. As it is, they might as well just make those particularly missions “Pay 250DB x times for this amount of B-DNA” and they’d be equally as accurate.

But otherwise agree there’s areas of the game I would care a LOT more about them addressing, such as the lack of unlocks for lots of non-tournament creatures and areas that are lacking a hybrid to balance out others at that level.

They should make a event where everyone can win vip creatures

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That would be VIP tournaments.

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Or the Weekly Prize Drop…


Seriously would like Leptocleidus & Elasmosaurus unlock event. Been about 2 years since there was an event to unlock these two.


They already have one it’s called the vip tournament oh sorry for that because you have to be a vip to get vip dinosaurs that’s why it’s called vip

I hope they open up more land on Isla Sorna and focus on fixing the events where based on the strength of your lineup determines the prize for completing them and also set a level limit for strength of AI dinosaurs we have to compete against in weekly events and focus more on the dinosaurs we already have in the game instead of adding more new dinosaurs. we already can’t place all our paddocks. also have it where we can rotate buildings and decorations


I want T. rex gen 3 tournament good stats it’s literally the face of the franchise for years it sucks they made a gen 2 already bc that shows it to be probably won’t get another one but they should do that gen 2 is a joke come on he’s the logo of the app movies games almost everything of dinos