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What do you want?

I created this thread so People can say what they want in Earth shattering, On the tides and Shake the Earth events. Hopefully Ludia will see these suggestions. Only do ONE SUGGESTION PER EVENT as not to overwhelm Ludia. This is what I want.

Earth shattering:Pyroraptor

What lies beneath:Surface creature proffered?

Shake the Earth:Any Cenzoic

Write in the comments


I would like them to do the “Earth Shattering” event with the Tuojiangosaurus.

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Earth Shattering: (dont know if possible but…) Dimetrodon.

Or if anyone knows a good way to get/ unlock it, would be greatly appreciated.


So che l’unico modo per ottenerlo è trovarlo. :disappointed_relieved:

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I know that the only way to get it is to find it.

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One of the most beautiful designs in the game I think, and yes you can only access Dimetrobabies by finding them via PvEs as Signor Paoli mentioned. :slight_smile: So my vote for the next new Earth Shattering goes to the one and only, “Unicorn Lizard”. :blue_heart:


I would like all of these…

I know, I’m very greedy… :laughing:


Oh since I have 2 Priotrodons just by luck of picking them up from some of the daily events up until now, I can’t fight the temptation of Chanya’s bucks or LP offers as she usually does give for the locked creatures. So I am far from collecting a single one of them, would be so great. :yum:

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Furrryyyyy, you know that ain’t gonna haappeeeeennn… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Stop daydreaming man. :grin:

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Yeah, if it wasn’t pyroraptor I would chose this

What do you want for On the tides

I’m okay without the Legendaries since we get those very frequently after a point.

I would most like Rajasaurus, Metriorhynchus, Parasaurolophus, Tyrannotitan, Allosaurus and Pyroraptor.

This is minr!

Also i would like a Hyneria, a Doedicurus and a Dimetrodon unlock.

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I agree, probably gonna happen because of the new Geolasmasaurus

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But probably won’t. They didn’t give Pyroraptor an unlock on introducing Dimetrocarnus. Might be a while.

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Yes, but think to Leedsichcthys.

They haven’t done unlock events for Elasmosaurus in ages (I’ve been playing since March/April 2019) so I’ve still not unlocked it. Same for Leptocleidus.

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I hope there a bracketed Tournament that gave us a VIP creatures without login VIP Membership:)