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What does cleanse really do?

It won’t be able to stop bleeding which leads to DOT.
How and when to use it effectively?

So far I have only see indoraptor can cleanse from bleeding but what about others?

Cleansing moves cleanse any effect except stun. Superiority strike does not count, it only counts distraction, so not bleed or anything else.


Indoraptor does not cleanse, nor does she have to… She is immune, which means she cannot be bled, distracted or stunned…

Indoraptor has cleanse as Gorgo. Indoraptor vs Spinotasuchus is always mind game.

Indoraptor is not Immune Indominus is.

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I think you mean Indominus Rex which is immune. Indoraptor is not, but it can cleanse.

My bad! You are right… Blame da ethanol!

Absolutely! Misread! Apologies for the misinformation… My bad…

Indo vs spino I always go indo evasive first n pray the spino crits don’t hit, if evade successful, higher chance of taking down the spino.

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Same. Some actually use Lethal Wound first and pray you won’t use cleanse.