What does day 3/4 or day 4/5 mean

Can someone explain how many strike towers there should be today after reset, assuming you have completed all of them yesterday?

I think the 3/4 means how long the event lasts. For example, if an event says it’s 2/4 days, that means it’s been out for 2 days already, out of the 4 days it’ll be available. Not entirely sure myself, but I think that’s what it means.

I think two? The badge strike says it’s available today but assuming you’ve done it today it’s no longer there, and so is the Epic Countdown Strike. The Expert Countdown Trial and Gray Countdown Strike would be the two available today. Again, not so sure myself, but I’m attempting to explain it.


Exactly for the badge strike I understand that if I did it yesterday, then it won’t be available today. Where I am puzzled it is the countdown strike (the one for the 8h incubator), I did it yesterday and did it again today (if i remember correctly it was 3 battles 2 incubators each day). But then what does 3/4 then 4/5 mean? I would understand 3/4 then 4/4 somehow but that would contradict what it shows for the badge strike though…

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Hehe i never paid attention to this.
But it looks like Ludia doing Ludia stuff xD