What Does Everyone Need?


What dinos’ DNA do y’all need most right now? I really need Stygi, Amargie, and Monolophosaurus


Ourano, Mono, Sino, Bary
Rarely ever see them…


Ourano, mono, sino, kentro, bary, and kaprosuchus.


Raptor, Mono, bary, orano. Mostly raptor!!!


Sinoceratops, Sinoceratops, and Erliko. Oh, and Sinoceratops.


Trex, Monolophrosaurus (sorry if spelt wrong), Stygy, Nodosaurus (the rare one) aaand Rajasaurus. Ankylosaurus too.


monolophosaurus, rajasaurus,irritator gen2, megalosaurus, sinoceratoos, euplacephalus


Dilophosaurus, badly. I see 1-2 a week. Plenty of Ouranosaurus and Deinocheirus DNA, really want that unique hybrid.


Epic Rex, Stego, Nodopato, alanqa, pterano, suchotator, spinotahraptor, parasaurolophus, dimetrodon, gorgosaurus, kaprosuchus, einiesuchus…

The list is big.


Velociraptor, T-rex…

but the most one that I really need is COINotosaurus… need a lot of it…

dudes waiting me to level up is over 100+ now…


Ourana coz it in other zone, may be for now Trex, Velo, dimetrodon, nodosaurus, stego, coz i still build stegod and indom. Hope can make it in early october, but still far away. Stegod need 160, and indom 170. A long way to go. :joy::joy::joy:


Anyone who needs stygi dna should possibly consider going vip for a month that guranteed dna in the defeat 10 incubator is one of the better perks at level 12 im getting 18 per day. If i could id trade some stygi dna for some para…


I’m at a point where I just collect everything I can. Ludia will throw a curveball hybrid.


Ourana and kentro, but trex and monolopho are always welcome too :slight_smile:


Sinoceratops, its extremely rare.

I only encountered 2 times since 5 months ago.


Kentrosaurus and Sinoceratops.


outside of their specific event, same for me - twice in the wild as long as i’ve been playing.


T-REX :sob::exploding_head:

Spinosaurus is a rare but I have seen him less often than sooo many epics…



I need everything!!! Anky kentro sino coinage hahah this game is soo frustrating. Sice they introduced migration dinos spawn less!