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What does everyone think about cross hybrid creatures?

Lemme explain this better. We have 3 creatures in the game where two different categories of creatures are fused to make a hybrid.

Allonogmius: Allosaurus + Bananogimus (Land Dino + Aquatic)
Glythronax: Glyptodon + Lythronax (Cenozoic + Land Dino)
Armormata: Nodosaurus + Mosasaur Gen 2 (Land Dino + Aquatic)

Now, don’t get me wrong, these three creatures are pretty amazing (two of them are carnivores, despite we have tons of carnivore dinos in the game). Armormata is in fact the strongest herbivore and has slightly better health and attack than Yudon. However…

Is it really a good idea to fuse different categories like this together? I think I prefer the traditional ‘land + land, aquatic + aquatic or cenozoic + cenozoic…’ feels more unique, preserved, and also less creatures to unlock, hatch, and raise. At this rate we will have every single normal creature in the game be able to be fused into a hybrid, which personally I’m not a fan of. The worst thing to happen is VIP creatures being able to create insane hybrids, now that would be a nightmare. Also all this Gen 2 comotion… should we just expect a Gen 2 copy of every single creature in the game?

What does everyone else think?

I used to hate the concept of hybrids in general and the fact that nearly all of them are busted compared to the “real” true dinosaurs you can have in the game.

Then I realized that this fits Jurassic World: The Game perfectly. After all, Henry Wu did state that none of the dinosaurs in Jurassic World have “pure” genetic codes and are still hybrids themselves since they had to fill in the gaps.

You’re essentially already creating monsters in a lab to send them into battles to the death in the Arena. This is no different then the creation of the Indominus Rex and Indoraptor for potential military applications.

So honestly, yeah. Cross hybrids are an awesome idea that perfectly fits JW: TG.

In fact, this reminds me of another mobile game involving creating and raising powerful mutants of varying strength and rarity in a lab called Mutants: Genetic Gladiators.

And I think Gen 2 versions of already existing creatures are a great way to make them relevant and useful. Maybe it should only be given to a select few or some. Look at Spinosaurus and its Super Rare status. A Gen 2 version would compensate for Ludia always seemingly giving the star of Jurassic Park 3 the short end of the stick.

For example, I used the normal Kaprosuchus as nothing more than tank fodder to save reserves for my next dino in battles which is pitiful for a creature that was literally a springing land dragon that ate whatever it wanted. The upgraded Gen 2 version gives this badass beast more viability and recognition it deserves.

It’s the equivalent of Nintendo giving forgettable and useless Pokemon Mega Evolutions/regional forms to make them overall better and viable.


Im all for cross-category hybrids, as Allonogmius is one of my favorite dinos.

This is because the Aquatic and Cenozoic parks are so limited in their potential. They all look too similar and thus result in plain looking hybrids.

I’m a fan of Hybrids too.

I am not a fan of Gen 2s but it does seem like they are here to stay. On one hand their good because it makes the base-game dinos more powerful.

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I think the cross hybrids are cool, and even from a gameplay point Ludia can use it to balance aquatics and cenzoics by having hybrid between a SR or legendary Aqua/ceno with Jurassic tourney to create tournament hybrid for aquatic or cenozoic

I think gen 2 can be a good thing if they make more in the line of the rex and raptor that is non tournament level gen 2s that we can get in gen two fury, getting a SR or legendary manjungasaurus for example is more content for new players and can also be used to make something like Majungdaboa hybrid in JW Alive so there is content for end game players too

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I agree with you. It can get overwhelming for someone who likes to collect everything. A new Dino every weeks and now they are mostly GEN 2s that take 7 days to hatch. In a few months I’ll have 4 instant hatches but it’s a lot to manage. I mean a Gen 2 parasaur when I can’t even have a gen 1 to make the parasauria…maybe if we had separate aquatic and Cenozoic hatcheries but we get 4 slots plus VIP instant hatches. Sounds like I’m venting. Maybe because I just spent 1,250 Dino bucks on those awful gyrospehre tours…

Nicely put but I do wish that we had separate hatcheries. I also don’t think that the new players can really get the Gen 2s since we have to finish a tournament in the dominator League to unlock them and it takes a long time to be able to finish in the dominator league week after week. I consistently finish in the dominator league now but it took me a long time to get here and I still can’t seem to get a Parasauropholous gen 1.