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What does High Wisdom Effect?

Does anyone know what having a high Wisdom does? It doesn’t effect healing cause that’s all based off damage which seems silly from a D&D standpoint. Does it effect heroic resistance to mind affecting debuffs like Dominate? It doesn’t really seem to, the Characters with high wisdom seem to get dominated just as easily as anyone else…

Is there anywhere in old patch notes that talks about ability scores or how heroic resistance is calculated???

The ability scores themselves don’t change at any point in leveling. Heroic resistance is a flat 25% for everybody. I don’t have the original source for that. That is just what everybody knows.

They might have some relationship to our Atk, Dmg, Hp, and Ac. which has no practical use for us. We can’t change or apply points in ability to specialize in any particular area. We see our 4 areas above increase with gear and level, but we already know what their bias will be, ie. Thomas is a tank. He will always be a tank. He can be a dps tank, but we turn him into that with gear choices, not ability scores.


Thank you I did not know it was a flat 25%

I ask cause 4 heroes: Nayelli, Joppa, Jarlaxle, and Pikel all got stat changes. In the patch notes it says they were all duplicating Calliopes stats. So Some got bumps in some stats and decreases in others. They gave Pikel a 2 point strength reduction and he is doing less damage and healing a bit less. While Nayelli got a 6 point strength increase and it seems like she has a little less attack than before the update. Pikel got a 6 point wisdom increase. And I’m trying to figure out if it gave him any other benefit or if it’s just for show. They both got a slight Constitution increase and it seems like they both have more health. But I didn’t think to Screen shot all my stats before the update to know exact #’s. Iirc my Nayelli had like 2600 ish health and now has 2950 and Pikel had like 2800ish and is now 3300.

Have you noticed if your Nayelli has any more attack or damage?
6 point strength bump should be noticeable If a 2 point reduction in Pikels strength is…

Honestly, I haven’t paid attention or noticed. The stat changes you mentioned will have a positive effect on the way I already play those characters though. Now and then they will make a difference in a match. For better or worse, all good.

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Honestly, I’ve always viewed the ability scores as just pixel art and throwing a bone to the D&D atmosphere we all crave. Whatever multipliers they might “provide” are the same for everyone in the game. It’s not like we can control or add extra ability points as we level. So your real question is just about buffs and nerfs that are applied to every player equally.

Sure I’m just trying to figure out if any heroes got a nerf and if what looks like a bump in some stats is actually just for show and didn’t actually buff anything.

From what I’m reading, a few folks are saying certain heroes are stronger or weaker than pre-update. As a community we may just have to figure it out as we go - Ludia doesn’t have to spoon feed us this detail, because frankly it’s being applied to every player equally.

For instance we all know that low to mid-tier Joppa is a joke, but late game he can get very powerful. Same as Jarlaxle. Did Ludia tell us this? No, we figured out what did and didn’t work in PvP and adapted accordingly. We’ll do the same thing again. If Nayeli suddenly sucks, or Pikel got a nerf, then we may start excluding them from the roster. Time will tell.

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