What does Indoraptor need?

I decided to watch JW: Fallen Kingdom again to see what we can add to the indoraptor of the game and I cannot ignore the absence of echolocation in the game and compared to Indom g1, g2 and indoraptor g2, it does not have a unique ability, Indom and erlidom has “revenge cloak” Indom g2 has “cloak” and indoraptor g2 has “Cautious strike” but indoraptor does not.

I try to be workable, good and balanced in this thread, suggesting a possible solution for Ceramagnus!

I am very convinced that it does not need much life (I know it takes more life to hold ceramag, but we cannot unbalance it either, in the movie it shows holding pellets from a shotgun at a short distance, it should have a moderate armor (not much) A unique ability for him, and the possibility of reducing the damage along with the possibility of purifying the vulnerability, being resistent to the Swap

In this way it would be something like this

If you have any suggestion or idea, you can share it here!


I would suggest lowering the crit rate after it uses echolocation to 80% so that it is not too op. Still a good idea though.


My Indoraptor



Screenshot 2021-08-12 12.45.08 PM

The idea is to make it usable, not to be OP!


He is fierce-cunning therefore he must beat the resilient, fierce and lose against the cunning and resistant I think it is a good way to make viable and no OP

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I have used Indo for for years now… It needs a shield breaking move and it needs to resist Speed Reduction. I like the first posted image the best with Echo location and a revenge cloak


Just take it back to how it was before 2.0, but keep cunning strike. And maybe have it able to counter resilient creatures so maybe something like a speed resistance or some Resistances from Indominus Rex might help. Again I just don’t want Indoraptor to be that op. I just want it to be balanced & be reliable again.

I think that for the benefit of more Indo resistance could have a breakthrough impact

my better.

Needs this


Just a few slight changes and we’re good


Still weak, my rework is also focused to counter Ceramagnus

Remove the cleansing strike and replace it with cunning strike. Make the Echolocation a 3 turn cooldown. Change Fierce Impact to Armour Piercing Impact.

Even though I personally am not a fan of the build. Indoraptor needs to break shields

This is weaker than the current Indoraptor…

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This indoraptor might be a little bit op but still I think it’s probably the best one suggested. I might give it some speed resistance but I’m not completely sure though. Anyways it’s really good and I like it a lot.

Cloak doesn’t really fit Indoraptor, a move that provides protection for a extended period of time (evasive stance) is much better suited for this hybrid. Having a cloaking move along with a 2x damage sheild breaking move is also too strong. If Indoraptor were to have cloak it would be revenge along side Indominus and Erlidominus.

I agree. Both Indo raptor variants are weak. In their day they were cool and nostalgic but now they are under powered and easily defeated by most dinos. Especially those who can speed reduce.

Anything would be an improvement to their abilities. I personally would like to see:

  1. Cleansing, defense shattering, dodging strike
  2. Cleansing, speed reducing, defense shattering attack.
  3. Increased Critical, Cleanse DoT, defense shattering strike.
  4. Cloak (Revenge)

With these the indo would again be very competative

Indo gen2 is by no mean underpower. You may think it is because the meta is centred around resilient but it’s a great counter against fierce and the dodo hybrid. Also are you saying you want pre 2.0 indo gen2? Because that thing was the definition of OP.