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What does Indoraptor need?

I would change precise pounce to high pounce so that it doesn’t hit to hard on cunning and with those buffs I feel like it’s damage reduction resistance should be lowered to 50%. Also the health could be a little bit higher.

To be honest, I don’t think that the Indoraptor should have any form of cloak. Why? Let me explain.

In the movies, we see that the Indominus Rex can camouflage itself into the surrounding area so that it could deal incredibly unpredictable attacks. That’s why we have Cloak, and Revenge Cloak on the G2.

The Indoraptor however, lacks the ability to camouflage and instead has echolocation abilities. This means, naturally, that the Indoraptor cannot use Cloaks, and therefore it has the Evasive Stance.
However, if you really want to Swap out the evasive stance, then how about switching it for Sidestep? Maybe a completely new mechanic?

I’ll leave this here for you guys. I expect to see great results and ideas. Good luck, fan redesigners

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I agree with you for the fact that he is not the cape but I find it disappointing that a single wax to be beaten by an alenkylosaur …

A swap in move would make it much stronger and usable. A healing move of some sort would make it far harder to easily kill.

New passive echolocation ability: +50% for any attack to ignore dodge/cloak (aka has a chance to be precise)