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What does OS mean on the chest timer?

What does OS mean on the chest timer?

Is it a legendary one? It tries to trick you and make it look like 0 seconds to go but once you start it, it is actually 24hrs


They Trick Us Real Good With That One! LOL
Ludia U Bunch Of Trickster’s!!! LoL​:tongue::joy::grin:

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Your game has probably glitched, and it is saying 0s ie. the chest should be ready to open, but the glitch is preventing the countdown from finishing. If you go do several online things or shut your machine off so the game has to reboot it should fix it.

Maybe but I don’t think so. It is obviously a glitch but I don’t think it is going to open yet this has happened and been discussed a couple of times before. The chest with the 24hr timer seems to say 0 seconds when you first get it. When you go to unlock it it goes to 24 hrs

This is not the only case with timer issues. The game has a hard time telling the difference between x days +24 hours and just 24 hours. Let’s say if a challenge has 2 days left it, you let an hour pass and it’ll stay 23 hours left. Of course it still has 1 day left but it won’t say that. This of course happens in the store as well.

I think it was intentional, no way the devs can screw up THIS bad with timers.