What does RNG mean?


Sorry I’m completely lost on the lingo of RGN.


@Youaretoooocool Random number generator. Basically computer dice. It’s a way for a computer to get randomized data. Mostly for the moves with random chance.


Ok because I keep seeing people saying this meta is rgn. Thank you.


Happy to help (20 character limit)


They say this meta is RNG (or “too” RNG) because there are a number of factors that are beyond the user’s control, such as a percentage chance to stun, crit, or dodge.

The reasons for disliking RNG are usually a distaste for not having complete control of the moves in a battle (i.e., two dinosaurs that have a move with the same chance to stun might appear in small sample sizes to have vastly different success rates), a dislike of uncertainty as a general principle, or simply a lack of understanding of probability. Those are usually the reasons you’d hear the term “RNG meta.”


While the usual meaning of RNG is Random Number Generator, a few players in my old D&D group christened it the Random Number God. They would even say prayers and make offerings before rolling the dice! :rofl: At one point they petitioned the DM to include their chosen god in the established pantheon. DM said no. :slightly_frowning_face: