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What does the difficulty depend on in daily battle?

That is it. I wonder what is it. Is that player’s highest level dino, stat, or player’s level.

I’d like to make hybrid dino to max level, but it seems to be difficult when I play daily battles and I dont know the answer because my level is still up fast

Thank you
Ps. Sorry about my english, I am not native.

Read this.


Some battle events go off of what level you are and some are based on your top 5 or so dinos


Thank you so much.
Your theory makes me clear.


Thank you so much.
Can you give me an example what is based on player’s level?
As you said, I think it s gonna be VIP battle, right?


It ain’t my theory , it’s of sionsith . I merely linked it.
Most events are affected by park level at some capacity. We have no clear idea how much for which one though.
It’ll require a much larger sample size and some tedious analysis , so it hasn’t been done to my knowledge.
Fight for funds , Stakeholders visit both get harder for players without a ferocity jump after levelling up.
Seems more like the game has some expectations of ferocity level according to park level. So if you camp and don’t go to higher ferocity you might get punished. But it’s an untested theory at best.


A small contribution to the talk, it also happens even if you are lvl 99. Once I had a really long dormant state just to stockpile a huge amount of DNA and in spite of having a really balanced and deep line up, my PvEs were unbearable towards the end.

Some PvEs depend on your top three like most of them but the Fight for Funds does even go beyond, some others like the Battle for Survival have their max limit as ferocity even if you’ve gone far beyond that. It is you to see for yourself and experience by time.

All in all, the game demands progression no matter what if it is fast or slow, but steady and balanced all along.

I hope this helps, but about English I must say, a great deal of us here are not natives and speaking not on a supreme level is not a reason to be sorry ok? :wink: It’s the global language, that’s all. As long as we understand you, the rest is just a small detail.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Sorry, i didnt mean that. I meant what you said was helping me so much, thank you, by the way. :slight_smile:


This should help with the battles in the events hopefully:

The percentages on some of the events have changed as well as some of the events themselves but the concepts still hold true.