What does the this mean in alliance chat?

The title says it all. We had this number appear above the number of members and it has kept going up!!!


9 requests to join the Alliance


Is that what it is?

We have a red number 1 on ours but I’ve never seen it before.

Yeah, they’re just players requesting to join the alliance.

weird that i’ve never noticed this before now.

Could also be friend requests. Pretty sure they share the same space for notifications

It’s on the Alliance Tab in Social, so those are requests to join. Friend requests are on the left tab.

It’s requests to join but they don’t seem to go down if you Decline someone until X days later

Very odd that I’ve never seen this until this evening

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Yeah one just popped up on ours as well. I was curious.

I’m confused as to why nobody has seen requests to join before. Are you all leaders?


Ohhh, that explains it. Only leaders have been able to see that. I’m assuming it’s visible to all now, but not sure that was intentional on Ludia’s part. Hmm.

I didn’t know it wasn’t visible to all, I’m the leader, but I always thought everyone saw it.

I mean I don’t see the point of it being visible to all, only leaders can accept or decline. It would be an annoyance to see it and not be able to do anything about it. Well to me that is. Lol

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