What does this Alliance Symbol Mean?

Next to my name in the alliance there is a medal kind of thing,what does it signify? I recently joined his alliance ,does it mean I am new,or something?

The green one means you are online

No,the ribbon like on,next to my trophy score,the guy under me too has it.

Oh that. I’m not sure

It means that you are participating in the monthly arena the one with rewards like allo G2, titana, pussasuchus

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That either means you are top 500 in the tournament, or top 500 in the arena season

Judging by your trophies, it probably is top 500 in tournament


Wait what? I am not that good at this? Are you serious?

If it so that’s amazing! Thanks

I think it’s a big because I get it as well. It’s been on and off for a while tournament or no tournament active. I’m not near top 500 at all. So I relaunch and it’s gone. Another guy on my team shared it today as well.