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What does this symbol mean?

I see this symbol in the “My Alliance” screen next to my name. Can someone from Ludia confirm what it represents?


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It means that’s you.
If you see it with others then it means they’re in the top 500.

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I’m not in the top 500 yet I have one

I’m definitely not top 500 in arena or tournament and low level alliance mates have the same symbol who don’t even qualify for tournaments. I’d like an official response from Ludia, if possible, to clear the air.

Hey kalebraf15, do you have a screenshot of your Alliance list? Thanks!

Do they by any chance share your trophy score? I’ve seen that bug before.

I agree that it would be nice if it was officially answered. It’s been there for a long time, and honestly, I never saw an answer that made 100% sense. So far, it does seem to appear at random (low or high level players, active or not, etc, etc, etc) I think they tried to implement something (love the top 500 idea) but it’s not working as intended for sure.

Hey real_gambler, from what I understand, it’s supposed to represent players who had reached the top 500 ranks during the PVP season. There will be one next to your own name as well, however, if you had participated in a PVP battle.


Thanks Ned!

Thank you for the official response. So if I got it right:

1 - the symbol will always appear next to one’s own name.


2 - the symbol will appear next to alliance mates who have reached top 500 in pvp

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