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What does your team look like now, post update?

anyone using the new dinos yet? added new buffed ones to their team?

Impossible for me due to boost and dinos are too far away from team lvl…


Here’s my current team

Ditto! I was only able to get Indoraptor Gen 2 to level 21 before I ran out of Blue DNA. Nothing lower than level 26 goes on my team.


No new creatures from this update from me. Added Ardentis for Monostego and Indo for Rinex.

Indo g2 is impossible to lvl up to team lvl (24).

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I don’t even have indo gen 2 cause I lvl echo to 15 before the update note …

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im thinking of replacing rinex with indo, and maybe DC or spyx with ardentis. but spyx is my tryko killer…

maybe remove DC. i used him as a DC killer but now erlik is buffed he can handle most.

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Before the update.

After Update:

I really like phorusaura. Currently the only non boosted member of my team until I try some other options out and see what I like best.


I miss the days of swapping out and playing with new stuff. Mine is the same as well, I haven’t even gotten 1.8 creatures to team level yet.


I benched my sucho for the buffed magna and benched Monostego for a boosted IndorapG2. I got mine to 18 but with the boosts she holds up ok. The rest of my team is 22-24

And I went ahead and leveled up yoshi

how hectic is ur yoshi now? i havent levelled mine past 17 or ever used it

Gotta try all the new guys out.

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I’ll change my team when I stop loving it:

I won’t stop loving it, most likely.

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My team hasnt really changed as i took some stuff off the bench aka indo and tryo… no new team dinos just yet.

Im still tring to sort out my speedster issue as running utahsino, rinex, dilo, and erli isnt really viable and benching one of them is gonna stick alot of boosts on my bench… right now indo took dilo place but i feel like either rinex or utahsino needs to go there so i can focus on one of them for the moment.

Nice thing is if something gets nerfed in the future ill have a nice quick sub.

My team is the same because i’ve invested too many boosts to switch Dinos. I might put Indoraptor back in though I an not sure

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same here. one of the problems with boosts.

i’ll wait for some more info from community about new creatures, to decide if i change some.

Exactly. Same here. That’s the problem for a lot of people I think. All the new ones are to low of level if your team is a level 26 team and with boosts maybe lvl 32/33. Than a lvl 16 Indoraptor G2 and now maybe 21 is way to low for those kinds of teams.

So if we keep up leveling our current team than the gap in lvl between the current team and new dino’s is going to be bigger and bigger. So trying to make a B team with new dino’s and some others.

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