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What dragons are good or bad in my team?


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Generally, in my opinion you want to focus of dragons that heal or resurrect your other dragons so looking at abilities and working from there, tricky two heads is a blue dragon that you really should put all your breeding effort into as it adds 25% heath to all your dragons. Other good options are dragons that lock enemies attacks or debuff them.
All in all, don’t get fixated on how high your power is and focus more on the abilities of your dragons.

All the info I’ve given is just from my experience playing the game and have seen the best results in fighting with my team. I’m running tricky two heads fully leveled up and a few other 4 star dragons fully leveled with debuffing and multi attack abilities. It lets me finish all daily quests even the 6220 power quests without much problem beside a few but I win more than I lose.

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@FruitSaladz make sure you hide your support key when posting pictures! Someone could steal your account info that way :wink:


Axewing is useless. Could be sort of an anti-blue substitute for Alpha’s, but for standard combat he is bad. You could also swap Fireshrike and Pincher for Torch and BruteWurst if you have 2 copies of either. Anveil is solid, not as solid as Tricky, but Tricky is… tricky to get. Coldreign is relatively bad in standard fights, but at leasf it charges up quickly for Alpha battles. Fanghook is better than it for Alpha’s and Gloomleer/Fogstalker are better for normal fights.

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