What dragons would you guys want to see?

The title explains everything already. Anyway, a few dragons I’d love to see:

The Terrible Terror: Honestly, it’s an adorable species. Due to their small size, I think that they’d be really cool support dragons, focusing mainly on status.

The Deathgripper: Pretty cool design, I’d sure love to see them in the game. I think that they’re pretty good for hybrids too, and the venom attack would be nice to give the game some diversity.

The Seashocker: I know that the Scauldron is going to come at some point, but having more aquatic dragons would be pretty nice, and for me, the seashocker is the perfect species for that. Though we’d need a new background, a beach one would b pretty nice.


TripleStryke, Dagur’s dragon


hhh same honestly!! They’re so cool, I hope that if they ever add it, that we get a good yellow triplestryke

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I want playable Alphas. Come on, if Drago was man enough to control one without poison and MLP friendship magic - why can’t we have a proper pet? As great as it is to see your top 5 dragons flying around the town - I’d like to see the beaten/tamed Alpha on my side. Maybe that would give you some combat advantages, like an ability you could pull off every few turns.


yeah… that would be amazing! i love that idea.

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My oldest son, only 6, asks nearly every day if they’ve added the Dramillion so that would be his vote. As the monstrous nightmare is my favorite I’m content with whatever dragons they continue to add next.


I would like to see the Scuttleclaw, possibly as a hybrid?

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