What easy unique should I go for?

I am having trouble trying to focus on one unique that is easy to get and useful aswell. Im thinking of the tanycolagreus unique but i feel like its a glass cannon js like some of the uniques that are available.

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Thor or indo since they both got massive buffs.

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I already have indoraptor

In that case that would be Thor. That’s one of the easiest to get and now insanely useful too. Here’s why: Cleansing group destroyer


Thor 10000% as it is the easiest Unique to make but if it’s like Mortem (when it had a cleansing move), there’s also %10000 chances it will be nerfed in the future, when everybody will have put boosts on it. And sure enough, we still don’t know if we will ever get a second round of boost reset tokens, so, not responsible if you decide to invest in Thor today…


Quetzorion is pretty good but it’s not easy to get because it has Quetz DNA which is exclusive
If you want an easy Unique to get I’d go for Indotaurus or Scorpios Rex Gen 3
They may not be the arena gods they used to be but they’re still incredibly powerful Asha will be viable for a looooong time

other than thor becasue you can get from pass i would say albertocevia

But it’s not easy to get since it has exclusive Albert DNA

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Thor is the easy answer here. Especially with the pass.

Thor, as apart from the other pros about it mentioned here, it’s used in quite a few Unique and Apex raids.

If you don’t want to be one of the hated Thor users (and also at risk of being screwed over by nerfs), try edom or maybe even dilorach, since dilo isn’t an exclusive anymore. Stygidaryx, entelolania, dracocerato, and andrewtops should be relatively easy. Andrew is a temporary thing tho, since it has a hybrid chase thingy rn. Dracocerato is probably the easiest unique to make, since it’s made of 3 global dinos, two of which are commons

I recommend that you go for magna, because it is easy to do and it is quite useful in the arenas and it will serve you until you have something more powerful.

Thor, Indoraptor, Indotaurus and Scorpious Rex Gen 3 are some easy Unique hybrids you can go for.

And… me???

Aka I need advice for what unique I should go for too

How do you say albertocevia is easy to get?

Take any suggestions from this thread. If you’re looking at Aviary, I’d recommend Thor and Indoraptor to focus on, especially Thor.


Go for Thor, it’s broken and it’s incredibly easy to get and quetzorion is actually really good

It is quite good but as I said earlier it’s not very easy to get