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What edition was your first D&D campaign?

What edition started your first campaign?

2e, back when Barbarians destroyed magic objects, played every edition since then too

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AD&D and this was the first adventure I ever played:

Also played Basic D&D after that, but played lots of AD&D, 2e, 2.5e, and some 3e. Haven’t had time to play in years though, so no 4e or 5e.

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D&D 1st edition (Brazil):

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AD&D as well - it took me forever to figure out the difference between Spells Known & memorized, but I still have my Wizard’s Handbook!


First time I ever played was AD&D 2.5

Old school. Basic red box

AD&D was the first edition I actually played a game, but I had books for older editions. Right now I am super happy with 5e, though.

I actually started on homebrew systems. Got my first taste of D&D proper with 3.5, but didn’t like the massive levels of crunch to the rules so I didn’t play it again until 5e. Which I liked much better but took it a bit too far the other way.
Pathfinder 2e has been my goldilocks system of late.

I started with First Edition AD&D in 1986. Except for 4th, I’ve played pretty much every edition since (Had the red box, AD&D 2e, AD&D 2.5e, 3e, 3.5 & now 5e). Every edition has it’s strengths and weaknesses.

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