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What epic have you seen the most

Just curious what epic you all see

Baryonix. By far. I don’t even dart it anymore if it’s right next to me.


Not 100% sure which one I see the most. I don’t see too many epics, but if I do see one, then it’s mostly Sinoceratops, Spinosaurus, Baryonyx or Concavenator. I also see a Brachiosaurus here and there. I almost forgot to mention, I see a crap lot of Pteranodon aswell.

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Oh yeah, Spinosaurus is quite common too, but at least slightly more useful. I also see lots of T-rex.
These 3 should occur about the same as they are all global spawns that can occur at any time.

If you see lots of Sino and Brachio, you’re either in Local 1 or there’s many gas stations nearby.

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Kentro. Too bad I’m not going for Tryko.

I see Barry more than any Epics.

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I see a few T-Rex aswell, but not as commonly. I’m in local 1, but I think I’m on the border of local 3, as I saw 2 Monolophosaurus the last couple of days only around 250 meters away from me.


Is there an echo in here?

Baryonyx or Rex

Rex or sino. Gotta love local 1.

Baryonyx. Is. EVERYWHERE!

If I ever see anything, its a Baryonx. About once every two months an Erlikosaurus will show up though. It’s very, very rare to see any epics for me at least

Erliko is rare but it pops up occasionally for me in L2 or at an ATM. Somehow I managed to collect 11k of it though, no idea what to do with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Barry is tops in the wild.

Second up would be Spino and Pterandon (I hunt mostly parks). I see quite a few Rex, but the other two are much more likely to be encountered.

Looking at local specific Epic creatures, for me Brachiosaurus would be the most consistent spotted local only wild Epic overall. I live in and hunt mostly L4 but hardly seen any Epic other than Barry or Spino. A neighborhood in L1 nets me the most Rare spawns, so I spend a lot of time cruising there. It could be a reason for seeing more Brachio. I hunt the dawn for Kelenken/Posti/Kapro and the daily rare then move to a park. For the dusk spawns, I hit it on the way home and do a few laps.

If i remember correctly i see a lot of barry.

I once saw a crudton of gryposaurus, now i have it. Overall i don’t encounter lots of epic’s, i still have some eps though.

Bary - so much so I don’t even pull over to dart it anymore.

Pyroraptor but only because I live and work in L2.

Mammoth …

… only joking



Roughly in that order.


Forma sure.

Bary no doubt