What epic should I dart?

Should I go for raja to get dna to level up my dio, sonorasaurus for skoona, or kentro for ankyntro which good for raids plus wil get me tryko in the future

Raja but for Anky Lux. Sorona isnt a bad choice either. Ankyntro isnt that good for raids, and Tryko is a fallen giant. So if you see either Raja or Sorona dart them, but dont look for Kentro.


Yeah, ima go for Raja too, since I am going to be working on Dio soon after I get scorp g3 who I have scorp g2 at lvl 19 and gorgo at 14, so should be getting it by summer, then I’m gonna go for tent, who I am pretty close to getting, then work on dio since all three of those are actually pretty stronk

I’m not quite there yet but yeah. Btw I don’t really care for meta. As long as I get to library or something. I just want fun battles

And by for raids I meant that ankyntro is used for apex’s and stuff like that in my alliance