What epics spawn where you are?

I live in Edmonton, Alberta … downtown … and Brachiosaurus and Baronyx seem to be the spawns in my area … now when I say spawn … I mean I’ve only seen them more than any others … and I’ve seen 3 Brachiosaurus and 4 Baronyx … what about you?

I live in Kuala Lumpur city centre L2 to be precise. Loads of dimetrodons here. My 33K dna attests to that. Just darted two at home while having my coffee with another one out of range.

Im in the best place with ankylossaurus,rajassaurus and at night koolasuchus they are very rare but when they show is face i try allways to dart then (not koolasuchus anymore)
Rajakylossaurus lover here :grin::heart_eyes:

My local the worst for epics extremely rare ourano, consistent secodonto he even wrecks any epic scents I try to use at home hopefully the useless git gets a unique lol wish they swapped the spawn rate on those two

Isn’t that part of Canada dinosaur country? I would expect you to be tripping over epics left and right!

I live in Ohio, USA and the epic I mainly see is T.Rex. The epics dried out here when they introduced the birds. I keep trying but it’s an uphill climb.

Live in a small town in england and i get alot of t.rex but seen alot of baryonx and ankylo recently we get a healthy mix but never any mono or kentro

Mono in l3, i don’t know where kentro. Go to metahub to see specific dino spawn.

Cheers i get alot of diffrent veriaty i saw a mono while at work but don’t realy know much of these l1 2 3 4

I’m in l3, so my spawn is spino gen 2, mono in night and erliko in a day. I got epic scent last few days and use it in day time. I got 3 spino gen 2, 1 Trex, 1 erliko, and some rare and of course common.

Thankyou this helped out loads

Monolophosaurus, spino gen 2, erliko.

See mostly monolophosaurus which is local and baryonyx which is global.

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Wevelgem Belgium, L1 zone over here. Epics are very rare, about 1 every 5 days. Mostly Trex, kentrosaurus and secodontosaurus.

@nightwolf what is this L1 you speak of? How does that work, what are the tiers and how do I know which one I am in?

Near Barcelona. There simply are no epics. Every 7 or 8 hours of play appears an epic and of those, many useless. It does not matter what area you live, simply, there is not. I live in area 1 and should see sinoceratops (I have not seen any in October), Postimetrodon (I have not seen any in October) and Kentrosauro (I think I’ve seen 1 in all of October). For work and weekends I pass through all areas and the result is always the same, on average, an epic a day.

As I said in a previous post, something happens with Europe. In Germany, in Belgium, in Catalonia, in Finland in Estonia … simply do not appear epics.

I live near Arnhem, the Netherlands. L2 area, Epics i see are: T rex, secondantosaurus, ouranosaurus, baryonix, brachiosaurus, pyroraptor. The last one about once a month. I have never seen others in the wild that were’nt special events…:sob:

Sevila, south spain, l3 mono, elriko spino gen2, and spinotharaptor as local, most comon is spino gen2, and mono

@MarijkeVZ I only see my areas epics one in a blue moon. I don’t know what area I am in. I’ve never seen Pyroraptor. I think I’m the only Level 9 without one. Hahaha.

Ontario, Canada. Little town. TREX for days and that’s it.