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What even happened to our free incubators?!

I know its been quite some time, but does everyone remember waking up to a wonderful rare, epic, or premium incubator every weekend? Then it happened, about 8 or 9 straight rare incubators in a row, our alliance, SpittersUnited, which is STILL accepting people who can actively participate in raids with at least one legendary, noticed somwthing was wrong, fast forward a few weeks later and no incubators happened at ALL! What happened to our incubators ludia? They were nice because who even does pvp aside from when they need it for daily rewards or a little extra coin? Not too many people, why? This all comes back to the matchmaking issue, yesterday in fact, i matched up against a 136 speed ardentismaxima that almost swept my entire team!!! Please fix these ludia, I don’t know what happened, but it boosted player progression so much, please return it for us in 2.1.

It was replaced with the treasure chests

“Replaced” is being generous


Those were weekendly but only just now

Btw guys, we have only EIGHT open spots left for our alliance, you need to at least be able to participate in raids and be active in chat and other alliance things as well as be on your way to or having a legendary hybrid.

Yea what the heck happened to them. I miss even the rare one

As stated they were stopped and replaced with the treasure [non]chase.

Y tho because the incubators were better and when did they start that cause sometimes I don’t get a treasure chest

I dunno, the treasure chases are nice, i need coin, but the free incubators felt more rewarding, they were better

That’s what I mean and sometimes you barely get any coins

You get more coins from incubators

You don’t know what? I was telling you what happened. I think you’ll find everyone hates the rubbish treasure [non]chase.

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Treasure chests spawn once per day so you get one on Saturday and one on Sunday, that’s it.

I see but still that’s all I’m saying

I say dna is better than coins unless you need like a million coins for one stupid upgrade

Yea the difference is they spawn places, i like them for coin but i think they don’t give as much IMO

GPx it seems like a bit of an unfair trade

I agree cause I got like only 600 coins for like 2 days so Idk what’s happening with my rng

Unlesw you have everything already

No-one is denying this.