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What event week do you want next week? (8/18-8/24)

  • immune
  • fast
  • nullify
  • pterosaurs
  • high hp
  • fierce
  • hybrid legacy
  • stun
  • counter-attack
  • armor
  • debuff
  • lockdown
  • cunning
  • wound
  • cleanse

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We haven’t gotten lockdown in FOREVER. What gives?


I do need diplodocus and purussaurus

I need Pterosaurs. I want to give Dsungaia a chance to be great. I’ve seen an unboosted one in the arena last night (AI), and the stats were decent. Just imagine it at the same level, but boosted a bit. Could be a revenge killer, or a bruiser. Heck, it might give Utahsino a run for her money.

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dracorex!!! or whatever has trex


The flying monsters, of course

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Whichever has Purussaurus in because Ludia screwed us over with the alliance missions. I needed that dna so they should do the right thing and give us a one-off event that features those dinos that we were mean t to get.

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Birds, they are a key ingrediënt for the dinos I still need to collect

Quetzal for Quetzorion.


Dinobai18 : i own one of those little terrors ( Dsungia ) and believe me its great for kicking the RATS butt big time! plus if i get the right move set before the rat its * RAT killing time plus 300% that nasty little beggar ( RAT ) dies in one hit ! lol :joy: :scream: :joy:

Any of them.
Only I want is the game doesn’t stuck 16/24 when only 4 hours left to finish the event…

Maybe a mix of high HP and speed since they do mixes now. Or maybe Pterosaur green boxes + high hp strikes since they already did speed a while ago.

Happy cake day!

I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but please can we have Pterosaurs!

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Haha, thank you. Year passed by very quickly :blush:

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(x) boosts
:laughing: :hear_no_evil:

Here is next weeks events. This is the “Bleeder Week” apparently. Those are fun to play all on one team but they aren’t very strong. You’ll lose more than you’ll win with a team of all bleeders.

Only 2 components for Unique’… Darwinoprerus and Spinosaurus.

For lesser things. Sarcosuchus for Sarcorixis is decent being that is a park dino right now.
There is Spinosaurus for Spinotahraptor which goes for Spinotasuchus. This is an OK week, good to dart and store up DNA for future use.

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suchomimus… suchotator…

spino2… let me request more bary2 and erliko2 donations to see if i get erlikospyx before it gets nerfed, as happened to magna.

I own one too, but at level 16, I can’t do much with it. I really just use it for tower strikes ;-;

I can see its potential, but without any chance of leveling it up, I can’t do anything about it.