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What event week do you want next week?

  • immune
  • fast
  • nullify
  • pterosaurs
  • high hp
  • fierce
  • hybrid legacy
  • stun
  • counter-attack
  • armor
  • debuff
  • lockdown
  • cunning
  • wound
  • cleanse

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whatever has dracorex!! or else, fierce :grin:


I’ll take Dracorex on both my accounts. I also could use any other components of Unique’s. Right now working on making Tenontorex on 2nd account and Dracoceratips on first. I have the components to start but haven’t started Touramoloch, Erlidominus and Trykosaurus. Others, I’m far from being able to get them started.

Where do longnecks fall?
I need me some Maxima ingredients :pray:t2:

High hp and I think it filled 10 characters.


High hp for more Argentinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and other such stuff, since I’m working on the path to Ardentismaxima. Otherwise, dracorex sounds good too.

Please for the love of prehistoric creatures, Pterosaurs! Lol :sweat_smile:


Remember when those were the “trash” weeks? Now we are begging for them :joy:


I was actually really sad after the event was over because I didn’t have enough Alanqa DNA at the time to create Alankylosaurus. :disappointed_relieved: Luckily that changed after the daily mission rewards started. :blush:


Pterosaurs would be great personally. Need those quetza to finally unlock quetzorion and Darwin for pterovexus ^^

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I’d like Dcg1 but if it includes dcg2 I’ll throw up.

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Need only Quetzal to unlock Quetzorion to complete collection.

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Pterosaurs… The rest of the dinos can wait :blush:

Dracorex is one of those dinos like erliko where its not in any of these events. :slightly_frowning_face:

That’s the hybrid pursuit next 3 weeks

Which one? Because we had argentinosaurus and secodonto already, just brachio left so that would be 1 week. So I guess you mean utarinex pursuit?

We had Smilopachy pursuit last two weeks, so this week will be new.

First one is right, second one is display bug. jw2

So all 3 of them at once or 1 of each for each week? They already did that before (and I’ve seen 0 Secodontos during its week). Also, the game does not show me that news.