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What exactly does "loses/ cleanses effects" mean?

Hey everyone! I would appreciate some clarification regarding dragons whose abilities have to do with cleansing, losing, and stealing positive or negative effects. The description is quite vague in the game.

Do such abilities target all effects which meet the requirements, or just one? For example, on one of my teams, I use Obsurdian, who has “this dragon cleanses its negative effects” and “each enemy loses beneficial effects” in its ability.

Let’s say my Obsurdian is affected by both accuracy debuff and can’t heal itself. If I were to activate the ability, would both of these effects be cleaned, or only one of them? And on the other hand, let’s say the enemy has three positive effects. Would these all go away, or just one? After playing with Obsurdian a bit, I think it’s just one, but if anyone would care to share a more detailed experience using such abilities, that would be awesome!

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All effects are cleansed or transferred. The only difference is if it’s done only for one dragon(Obsurdian’s self effect), or the entire team(Obsurdian’s offensive effect). Skrillcrusher has both cleanse effects team-wide, but there are no dragons yet that steal effects from the entire enemy team.


@Wirxaw A bit late to the party! Apologies. That makes sense! Thank you for the detail!

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