What feature did you think won?

Everyone’s arguing about which creature won but what about which feature won? Would like to hear your opinions and views



I hope the creature tracker won

I can’t confirm it, but I know for a fact that the one feature that does the one thing is the feature that won.

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The real question is why Ludia even needed to make a poll for these features, they’re all good and interesting features and should be added to the game.


yeah exactly

So I think the creature who won has some reptile DNA in it

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I dunno but I hope the darts won. Those looked so cool. (If Ludia actually makes them function properly)


Yep. Those features are all interesting. I’m surprised some of them aren’t even already in the game

Where was this mentioned can someone post the link to the thread I had to zap this?

Buy this special darts for only 100$ :joy:

That’s hard to tell but my guest would be one of the simpler ones.

Yeah sounds about right

The one that is the easiest to make, lets be honest the flag system didnt win the last poll :joy:

Maybe not. I can see the dart feature winning because they could make special darts cost money.

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Yeah, it’s the same with the creatures they keep showing - they all look good. Add them all.

These polls just feel like a way to avoid adding lots of new features in favour of adding the most popular feature followed by features that nobody asked for or wanted. It doesn’t make sense why they wouldn’t eventually implement the others when they add random stuff (often far less interesting than what we saw on the polls) without even asking.