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What feature do you want for the next Update?

I want to start the topic, because I think it is interesting to see, what the players want
for new Features with Update 2.0 :slight_smile:

For me, it would be very interesting when JWA will get a dynamic weather system.
Based on the actual weather at your location.
In my opinion it would be more diversified when you get Dinos in the wild in
dependence with your local weather, and not like now with the fixed areas 1-4.

What do you want to get with update 2.0?
Maybe some Ludia Developers will get interesting insights what the JWA players want.

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With 2.0 you mean an entire new version of the game? So not a minor update like 1.10 would be?
No clue, but I guess that would be something that could be based on the next movie, so not before 2021.

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I’m not sure if it would be 2.0 or 1.10 :slight_smile:
I changed the topic a little bit because of that :wink:

Copy Paste from 1.9 wishlist-1.8-1.7-1.6 etc etc


Scents being able to attract park spawns.


So you mean the next update?
That would most likely be 1.10, versioning doesn’t suddenly go to a new number when 10 is reached.
Anyway, I would like to see the main issues addressed first, and some new dino additions.

  • Fix the chat, like, really fix it. Make sure all things in the chat list are always in sync with everyone and donation updates are instant, and scrolling should work. This for me is the most important thing, since restarting the game 20 times a day just to be able to donate or read chat is a massive waste of time.
  • Do something about matchmaking. Make sure battles are more equal and reward players accordingly. When I defeat a level 30 tier 7 beast and the rest of its team, I don’t expect 20 trophies. When I lose against the same, I do not expect to lose 40 trophies.
  • Add more dinos obviously! some commons, some rares, some legendaries and 2 uniques. Make them useful too. I personally want to see a Mammoth and Giant Sloth.
  • Surprise us with a new feature! Campaigns was nice, sanctuaries are nice, alliances are nice, daily/weekly rewards are nice, boosts were not. Stuff like this, always a fun.
  • But most of all, do it flawlessly. Spend 2 weeks extra testing stuff. The support department was overloaded for a week just because someone typed a 500 instead of 50 somewhere. Such a small thing cost hundreds of man hours, so try to prevent more by testing. Player happiness is very important, and you don’t just achieve that by adding new dinos.
  • Be more open. “We fixed 370 bugs”. Sure, but which ones? Why are the only bugs that people actually notice never among these huge numbers of bug fixes?

So, that. Just want a smooth game. It’s very, unnecessarily flawed.


I really want the aquatics, in stead of bleeding ill drown your dinos to death :slight_smile:

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Fun as that may be, it would be a very odd battle. Half the game would have to be rewritten to make all battles at the shore line or so. I just don’t see how.

They can add aquariums like they added strike towers.Or they can add small pods across the map(without existing in real life google maps).Or they can make some parks act like lakes.
And ofcourse everything that in real life google maps have water.

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A rework for boosts and a balanced arena ,i dont care about anything more then that

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Bugs fixed? Boosts removed or reworked, give dracocera the Monomimus treatment


Slight issue though, the whole game is based on dinos escaping from their cages. For some reason one building provided a supply for the whole planet, I guess they mated quickly, but there was no enclosure with aquatics as far as I know. Except from this one huge great white shark eating monster, where would they come from?

Something like this?fishslap


Yes. Nobody expects the Spinosaurus inquisition!


Looks as balanced as the arena right now doesn’t it :rofl:

No it doesn’t. :wink:

Yes it does!

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Smooth gps, notifications that go away and stay away, stability, balanced matchmaking and trophies, alliance chat that works, stability, ability to see who donates, AI battles instead of matches timing out, stability, confirmations for purchases, dinos not spawning under sanctuaries, stability, rescaled speed boosts so that they can only out-speed the same class dino, prevent game crashes any time a phone call comes in, stability, alliance leadership tools, stability, stability, stability, stability, etc.

Alliance tools.

What about stability though? I think you should really add that to the list.