What ferocity do you need to be at to win the tournament

I am wondering if anyone had an idea of what ferocity it takes to win the tournaments. I have a bunch between 2100 - 2000, but I run into a brick wall mid predator league. I was thinking they ran the competition against you based of ferocity, but it doesn’t seem likely to win. Do I need to push the ferocity? Or maybe I just am not very good?

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You need creatures with 5000~6000+ ferocity for dominator


@Sionsith might have the actual ferocity.

My rule of thumb is between L40 tourneys and L30 VIPs (5k - 7k ferocity).

In my roster, I never need anything stronger than between those 2 levels of rarities.

2000 ferocity dinos are typically what I use to grind through Hunter, so there isnt any way you’d be able to carry 2000 ferocity teams into high Pred, let alone Dom.

The game does match you with similar ferocities, but it’s by league. If you are being repeatedly stomped, it’s a sign you are vastly underpowered/sandbagging compared to the opponents you are facing.


I don’t agree that you need 5000-6000 ferocity for dominator. If you do FMF or similar strategies, then yes. If you bring a more balanced team, a ferocity of 4000 - 4200 is enough (if you play wise…).

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What is FMF?

Fodder Main Fodder = FMF
It’s a strat where you get a weak creature, such as toujango 1, reserving 1 point, and then a main creature such as spinatosuchus lvl 10 to have more points of action.

This is useful because then you don’t need to use as many strong creatures = less dinos on cooldown = more tournament runs

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You bet, thank you!

Typically for battles that are not to tough you are going to want to look at teams of around lvl 20 VIP ~4,400 ferocity if bring creatures of about the same strength. You can get away with less but you will increase your loss rate.

Using FMF you can get away with a lower team ferocity of around 2,200 but this is artificially lower because of the two fodders, because you are brining a main with 6,000+ ferocity and your opponent will typically bring a more balanced team letting you face creatures with 4,000 ferocity with your one 6,000 ferocity creature. Plus you add in the ability to sacrifice the fodders to build action points when needed and you get a viable strategy.


I tend to be able to get away with MFM. My mains being 2 dinos with ~5500 ferocity to get 40 trophies but to be safe you’ll need between 5000 and 7000 ferocity like @OstaposaurusBae said


3000+ level 40 legendaries can already win, level 20 vips ideals (4400 cca) but i win deinonychus with level 10 vips only - battle every 2 hours + 4000 bucks


I’m currently sitting in the top ten with my son’s account. His best creature is a level 11 I Rex and I’ve not even had to use it that much. My usual team is : level 2 Tapejalocephalus, level 4 Dimetrocarnus and a level 10 Diplosuchus. Average ferocity is just under 4000 and I’ve lost one match today. The super hybrids, when you eventually get enough of them, make tournaments easy.


I have been playing the game for almost 3 months. I have placed dominator in every tournament since I have been level 60. I am able to do it with level 10 vips. When I am at the top of predator I play one match and get into dominator and then wait into I fall back into predator and play another match to get back into dominator. I repeat this process until the tournament is over.


I don’t know what the strategy is called but I usually use a Apatosaurus in my first position and block and save points depending on the opposing creatures attack. I can usually save 4 points and get up to 8 but if not I save as many as possible. After Apatosaurus I usually use Concavenator and one of my top 2 pterosaurs(Pterodaustro or Pterodactylus). If I don’t use that lineup I will use Apatosaurus, Prestosuchus, and Concavenator in that order. Those are just my top 2 preferred lineups but I can pull it off just as easily with other dinos of the same ferocity when they are not available.

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Ok, But You are not facing any Dominator battles. Your team is good for Predator

That’s true but all you need to do is finish in Dominator, there are many ways to do that including sneaking in at the last minute and not doing any actual Dominator battles.

I know that’s the point. I was just saying the strategy that I use to place dominator leauge with such early game dinos. I think it can be helpful so that early players like myself don’t rush there ferocity to much and have a huge imbalance in their lineup.

If you notice how I just stated how I place dominator I never said anyone that responded before me was wrong because I knew they were talking about the ferocity that you need to win battles in dominator. I usually don’t do it but I can win in the bottom of dominator with my lineup, but I think it is more luck of the draw with my opponents if I do.

The topic is what ferocity you need to be at to win the tournament which means end or place in dominator leauge not what ferocity to you need to be at to win in dominator. I’m actually glad that everyone above me talked about the ferocity for dominator wins though because I think that a lot of people will benefit from that information including myself in the future.

Right now I am still focusing on deepening my lineup. I am going for more hybrids right now(rare,super rare, and legendaries), but when I do eventually decide to jump up in ferocity I will definitely come back to this topic to see where I need to be. Thank you to everyone who has posted here. Your information will be very helpful to me in the near future.


Btw I just wanted to clarify I am not saying any of you shouldn’t have posted what you did because ferocity needed to win battles in dominator should definitely be in this topic. I know it can kind of sound like it when I was restating the topic, but I was just stating it so that he would realize that my post belongs in this topic.

I personally use, fodder(level 1 common), level 20- indominus rex ferocity and then a level 30 tournament ferocity dino that is the exact opposite of the main(carno ptero or herb amphi)

Welcome to the forum !!!

Now, I would say level 40 legendary ferocity is good, but all 3 creatures must have the same ferocity, and secure Pred and sneak in to Dom at the last moment. That’s the basic ferocity for tournaments.

I am new here but I learn a hard way that predator sneak in did not work for me because i couldn’t have guaranteed wins and failed miserably.
So i change strategy to look on topic tournament how much of trophy possibly need to finish in Dom in first place and start collecting.With this strategy you have much more time to get trophy and loses you get are less painful.
Congrats on those who get predator sneak in but I doesn’t work for me.

Good luck with your new strategy.