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What gameplay looks like currently

Here’s what something as simple as changing gear has become:

All actions in the game - PvP, PvE, opening chests - follows this formula. Click, wait 5-10 seconds. Click, wait 5-10 seconds. In PvP this means you’re often not taking your turn.

Very oddly I find my lag is VERY SLIGHTLY improved when using a cellular network instead of WiFi. Makes me extremely suspicious of what Ludia is trying to do with my network settings.

Yes, I always use mobile data instead of Wi-Fi. Optimization of the game is just non-existent.

@Ned can you explain why WiFi would have endless loading issues but cellular networks would have fewer? Does Warriors of Waterdeep do uncouth things to networks?

I’m not really sure, Venerus, as everyone’s network/connection is different. My game works better on WiFi, however. :thinking:

I have no problem on wifi. But i am on an ipod and in europe. I have few issues with signal.

Yes I use WIFI instead of mobile data bcoz it take more data consuming

@Ned What, specifically and precisely, does the development team have to say about this persistent and game-breaking bug? Could you ask them to please do the courtesy of creating a post explaining why this bug was introduced to the game, what specifically it originates from, and what specifically the team is doing to repair it?

No reply…?

My wifi connection is way better than my mobile connection, yet I face way more loading issues while using WiFi.